Pilgrim Paq

Take all your excitement with you on the Camino de Santiago and let Correos take your bags.


€ 19.99

Pilgrim Paq From € 19.99 YES PLEASE
Come and see us at any Correos post office branch and bring your bag with you. 
Give us the address of the Correos branch where you would like to collect your luggage.
Choose how long you want us to keep it for you (between 15 and 45 days).
And collect it! Your luggage will be waiting for you at the branch you selected.  

Product information


Correos will send your bags to the start or end of your Camino so you just need to pick them up. And take all your Camino excitement with you!

The Pilgrim Paq includes storage for 15 days. If this is not enough, 30 or 45 days extensions can be purchased in advance.

You can make deliveries from any stage of the Camino and buy all the souvenirs you want without having to carry them. 

Shipment details

Whatever luggage you have, Correos will carry it for you:

  • Up to 15 kg.
  • Up to 25 kg.

Guarantees and delivery periods

With all the guarantees offered by Correos.

Your luggage sent within 72 hours


Consult the price of your Pilgrim Paq.