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Store your digital documents and access them whenever you need to.

Digital Mailbox YES PLEASE

Register in Buzón Digital to start receiving documents from other companies.
Review the “Subscriptions” section and subscribe to the ones you are most interested in receiving documents from.
Create your own personal folders and upload any important documents you wish to access in the future.

Product information


The Digital Mailbox from Correos is the best way of storing your digital documents as you’ll be able to access them quickly and easily from any device, whenever and wherever you want. All you need is an internet connection and your login details.

It is a secure Cloud storage space which enables you to safely store all your communications with other users, companies and Public Administrations signed up to the service, in a single location without the risk of receiving spam or unwanted communications.

You can subscribe to the companies you are most interested in receiving digital documents from, thus doing away with the need for hard copies. Your smart mailbox will automatically help you to classify them in folders, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

It also enables you to create your own personal folders so you can upload any documents you wish to keep and access them at any time, thanks to its search engine which you can use to find them quickly and easily. What's more, you can download them and share them with other users of the Digital Mailbox by creating links, or via email or social networks.

You will soon be able to use the Digital Mailbox to send comments to the sender on the documents you have received, and open up communication threads between you where you can include text and attach documents.

It will include the digital signing of documents, so you can sign and return any contracts or policies the companies may send you. To do this, you need to have a digital certificate issued by a Correos Post Office.   

It will enable you to send and receive legally valid certified documents via electronic means.

And it will make it possible to send large documents to any Public Administrations signed up to the service directly from wherever you are, in a digital format, thanks to the Cloud Pendrive option. To complete the process, you need to go to a Correos Post Office to make the payment and get your receipt. 


The basic Digital Mailbox service is free of charge. For other functionalities, please see our prices.

You should know

Frequently asked questions

What document type and format can I save?

Any type of document and in any format (Word, PDF, JPG), wherever they have come from and whatever the content.

Are there any limitations on size or the number of documents?

You can upload up to 25 documents per month, provided they do not exceed 300MB.

Can I increase the space available in my inbox?

This option is not available at present.

The space available for personal documents is currently 2GB since documents from subscription do not take up any space.

How much does Buzón Digital cost?

The basic service is free.

Consult our charges for other features.

Can I unsubscribe whenever I want to?

Yes. This service is not subject to any minimum-term contract. 

Is there a charge for cancelling the account?

No. This service is not subject to any financial cost linked to the subscription.

How can I unsubscribe?

In the application's Help window, you will find a form that you will have to fill in to start the process to unsubscribe.

We will contact you to verify the application and proceed to delete your account, data and all the documents in your inbox.

Will I stop receiving documents on paper by post?

During the subscription process, each issuing entity will inform you of the applicable terms and conditions. Some of the entities will simultaneously send documents through Buzón Digital and on paper by post, while others will stop sending paper documents.

How long will the documents be available in Mi Búzon [My Mailbox]?

For as long as you need them. All the files and documents stored in your Buzón [Mailbox] belong to you, and only you can delete them.

How do I know that I have received a document?

From My Accountin the inbox, select Preferences to indicate how often you want us to send you an email alert about the documents you have received.

How do I communicate that I do not want to receive any more documents from an entity?

In the Subscriptions menu you can unsubscribe from any entity you want to.

Are the documents signed?

Each issuing entity decides the format and content of the documents they send. Buzón Digital allows you to send and receive documents irrespective of whether or not they have been signed electronically.

Can I check the signatures on the documents?

To check the digital signature on a document you must download it onto your computer and check it using the appropriate programme.

What happens with my documents if I unsubscribe?

Your Buzón will be blocked and both the account and the documents in it will be deleted.  

Before requesting to unsubscribe, you must download the documents you want to keep and save them to your PC

Can I access Mi Buzón from a mobile phone or a tablet?

Yes. Buzón Digital has a web version adapted to mobile phones and native apps compatible with IOS and Android which can be accessed from the official markets, the App Store and Google Play.