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Product information


Digital Notifications is a service that tracks, identifies and manages centrally and with a single application all the new information issued by the various Public Bodies electronically, so you can check them quickly and easily. 

This reduces the resources and time needed to register with each electronic office and download the various files individually, as it enables mass download of documents for high volumes of notifications.

Consultations require one or several electronic certificates linked to a Tax ID Code or Number (CIF or NIF) in the software to be set up, which will remain in your server network to ensure your security:

• Notifications are downloaded and stored automatically and securely. 

• Files are created automatically. 

• It has a search engine and tagging.

• It allows you to track the status of notifications.

Many Bodies have already joined the service, although others can be included on request:

• TGSS General Social Security Treasury

• Plataforma 060. All Bodies affiliated to this issue point

• DEV Electronic Address for Roads of the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT)

• MINETUR Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism

• Bizkaia Provincial Council (Tax and Finance virtual office)

• Gipuzkoa Provincial Council

• Euskadi Administration of Justice

• Generalitat de Catalunya (GENCAT-OVT)

If you would like to request a personalised study to include other, additional Public Bodies, write to us at  indicating the name of each Body.

At Correos we analyse the feasibility of centralising these notifications alongside the other Public Bodies that are already set up in the basic service, at an additional cost.

To receive electronic notifications from the various Public Bodies, you must have an electronic certificate that has been registered. If you don’t have one, you can go to any Correos Post Office to verify your ID card and immediately create an electronic certificate that you can use to check electronic notifications received and pending download.

The service is two-way, so digital communications can be sent from businesses to Public Bodies within the same tool. Therefore, you can submit letters and documents to Public Bodies electronically, both to respond to electronic notifications received and to submit any kind of document in virtual record office mode. Submission of the documents is fully valid officially, as it uses the REC application - Ministry Centralised Electronic Register.

You can also create and set up various users with different roles to restrict permissions for access and use of the application, and also define groups of users that share some characteristics, in order to facilitate assignment of common tasks:

• Act as managers for certain notifications.

• Receive certain groups of notifications.

Furthermore, for mass assignment of notifications or sending files by email, it is possible to assign manager status to a user or group of users, so that they have permission to see and manage notifications without the need to have an electronic certificate. 


This service offers the following NIF vouchers (not including taxes) so you can choose the one that best meets your needs:

• 1 NIF voucher: €27 per annum.

• 3 NIF voucher: €78 per annum.

• 6 NIF voucher: €144 per annum.

If you want to request a different voucher with a larger number of NIFs, write to

For large corporations, this service is provided by signing a contract with Correos. Before doing so, we submit a personalised offer depending on the estimated volume of notifications managed.

Consult our rates.