ORVE Services

Registration and instant delivery of your documents to Spanish government agencies. MORE INFO

Product information


This service allows citizens to register and send digitalised documents to Spanish government agencies instantly.

Documents are sent to the receiving government agency in electronic format, after being scanned and checked by Correos to guarantee the validity of the digitalisation.

To send a document via this service, just visit any Correos branch with the original document you wish to register and send to a government agency.

Correos will send the documents for you using the service, officially recording the entry of your documents in the registration application and sending them to the government agency.

For security reasons and for compliance with the Spanish Personal Data Protection Act, our branches cannot be used as depositories for original documents or copies of the documents presented.

Prepare your documentation

Check that the format can be scanned:

  • A4 format, uncovered and with straight edges. We will not photocopy documents larger than A4 size or anything else that might jeopardise the veracity of the original document.
  • Electronic documents are not accepted.
  • Correos will not remove any form of binding to release the pages.
  • No document will be digitalised if its format or condition could mean the digitalisation process would endanger the document itself (onionskin paper, cardboard, etc.).
  • All documents presented will be considered to be originals.
  • Correos will not digitalise a document that is exempt under law or on any other grounds. 

State whether you wish to include any physical documentation with the e-registry, as well as other items that cannot be scanned, such as CDs or USB drives. In this case, we will offer you the chance to send these items using a Carta Certificada, for which the prices applicable to this product will apply.

As added value to the service, the Correos' CD code will be included in the Comments section of the appendix of the file attached in "Servicio de Registro Virtual Electrónico con la Administración (ORVE)", so the receiving government agencies can trace the status of the certificate.

We will digitalise the document once everything is ready using the branch scanners.

We will check the content of all the pages to ensure their quality and legibility, and that they match the originals.

We will issue an invoice via the Correos admission app, using the items and prices for that purpose.

We will enter the “Registro Electrónico para las Administraciones Públicas” website of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation to register the digitalised documentation and enter the details of your company and the receiving agency.

For this you will need to give us the DIR-3 code of the receiving government agency. If you do not have this information, Correos will try to find this identification using our search engines. If the exact name cannot be found, we may send it to the top-level processing unit at the agency. This will have equal legal validity.

The delivery is then electronically signed by Correos to guarantee the acceptance process in the registry. We will issue you with an official receipt to certify the registration process.