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Get your badge with a QR code so that your pets can be immediately identified in case of loss. The badges also allow you to have the animal’s data digitised, including their passports or licenses.



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The widespread use of this product would greatly reduce animal shelters’ fight against animal abandonment.


Your pet could save your life thanks to the fact that emergency personnel could quickly access your data by scanning the QR code.


At ConnectedLife Pets, more than 250,000 of us work to collectively protect our pets. 
Go to your closest Correos Office and get your badge
Scan the QR code you will find on the badge
Enter the PIN code found on the purchase receipt
Enter your data and your pet’s data.

Product information


At ConnectedLife, we care about our customers. That’s why we have launched a QR badge that will help you find your best friend in case they get lost. By simply scanning it, you will be able to know where your pet is, and the person who found it will be able to contact you easily. Your family will always be identified and protected!

Our dog tags follow European standards and are recommended not only by animal lovers, but also by animal shelters, veterinarians and emergency services. 

You should know

Law enforcement agencies recommend this tool, since by associating a digital profile to your account, emergency personnel will be able to access your information and medical data. 

ConnectedLife Pets is recommended by hundreds of veterinarians, such as MSD Animal Health.

More than 100 animal protection organisations collaborate with ConnectedLife.



Come to one of our offices and get your badge. 


What is ConnectedLife?

A company founded in Spain in 2016, formed by experts in management, administration and technology consulting. After years of collaboration with emergency services and law enforcement agencies, ConnectedLife has developed a service designed for emergencies, including ConnectedLife Pets. 

What does this service consist of?

Correos and ConnectedLife offer this service with the aim of protecting and identifying your pets immediately in case of loss. The badges also allow access to all the animal’s data, such as their license or passport, by scanning a QR code. 

How much does it cost?

The service costs €17.95 per year and can be cancelled at any time. 

How can I activate the service?

After purchasing the badge online or through our offices, you will simply have to scan the QR code, enter the PIN that appears on the purchase receipt, and fill in your data. It’s that easy!

Can I have several badges associated to one single account?

Yes! And you can manage the animals and their data easily from the app.

What other services are included in my order?

In the Pets Life App, you will find different services that facilitate product activation and pet management. They will also be periodically updated, in order to allow better management and adapt to the needs of users. 

Can the service be activated by someone other than the person making the purchase?

Yes. All you need to do is have the six-digit pin code that appears on the purchase receipt.

Can the service be returned?

You will have 15 days from the date of purchase, provided that the envelope containing the badge has not been tampered with.