Duplicate Registration Certificate

The fastest and easiest way to request a duplicate registration certificate.


€ 30.10

Come and see us at any Correos branch to request a duplicate Registration Certificate.
Present the documentation required to process your request with the DGT.
State the address where you would like the DGT to send the duplicate registration certificate by recorded delivery. 
Collect the provisional registration certificate that we print for you at our branch when you send your request or by email.

Product information


With this service, Correos offers you the option to request a duplicate DGT registration certificate in the event of loss, damage or theft.

Remember that you can only request this service in our branches, and only in the cases indicated above. To obtain a duplicate for any other reason that requires changes to be made to personal details on the certificate, the address, change of service or due to work performed on the vehicle, you will need to contact the Jefatura Provincial de Tráfico (Provincial Traffic Authorities).

You must present the vehicle owner's original Official Identification Document (Documento Oficial de Identificación - DOI) when requesting this service.

The DOI is the official identity document proving your identity. You can present this using a range of documents:

  • DNI or passport
  • Spanish driver’s licence
  • Residence permit, for non-EU foreign citizens
  • Residence permit or passport or document from your country and a certificate of registration with the Registro Central de Extranjeros, for EU foreign citizens

If this service is being requested by the vehicle owner and they are an individual:

  • DOI

If the vehicle owner is a legal entity and the service is being requested by its legal representative or an authorised individual:

  • Tax identification card.
  •  The DOI of the legal representative or authorised individual.

If the vehicle owner is an individual and the service is being requested by someone authorised by them:

  • DOI of the vehicle owner.
  • DOI of the authorised individual.

We will process your request once we have all the necessary documentation. The DGT will then send you the duplicate registration certificate by recorded delivery to the address you provide.

You will also be given a provisional registration certificate at the Correos branch. This is valid for 15 calendar days.


The price of this service is €29.90 (including VAT), of which €20.40 is the fee charged by the DGT for the service and €9.50 represents the processing costs for Correos.