Vehicle status reports

Check whether your vehicle is properly registered or has been involved in an incident.


€ 13.59

Product information

Types of report

There are various reasons for requesting these reports:

  • Checking the possible purchase of the vehicle.
  • Certification of non-ownership of the vehicle for other government agencies and authorities.
  • Verification of technical, administrative and official details.
  • Investigation of vehicles involved in accidents or collisions.
  • Checking vehicles abandoned on public roads.

Full technical report

  • Administrative information
  • Owner identification
  • Municipality where the vehicle is registered.
  • Spanish MOT history.
  • Mileage.
  • Number of owners.
  • Charges and technical data.
  • EuroNCAP rating.
  • Maintenance (based on the Vehicles Register).

Report on vehicles in my name:

  • This report or certificate lists the vehicles registered in the name of the person who requests the report.
  • It only shows information about active vehicles (those that have not been de-registered)


The price of the vehicle status report is €13.50 (€8.50 for the DGT fee + €5 for processing costs).