Basque Parliament elections. 21 April 2024

You can request a postal vote online, without having to go to a Correos office in person.


Who can use the application to submit an electronic request for a postal vote?

  1. Voters residing in Spain. If your online request is accepted by the Electoral Roll Office, you will not be able to vote at a polling station on election day.
  2. Voters residing overseas who are temporarily in Spain and entitled to vote in the elections.

It cannot be requested by voters who are residents in Spain and are temporarily abroad, or by voters who are residents abroad and request it from their country of residence.

How do you request a postal vote online?

You can use BakQ to make a request:

Izenpe provides a solution using the Virtual Card. This is a light software that, if you download it to your computer and you have BakQ, will allow you to make an electronic request for postal voting.

As in previous processes, you can also use an electronic DNI certificate   (obtain electronic DNIor a  valid digital certificate. 

In any case:

  • You must complete the required data.
  • Sign your request electronically.
  • Download the request at the end.

The Electoral Census Office must approve the request, so that it can send the documentation for voting to the address you have indicated in your request.

Deadline for sending your request

It can be requested from the date of the announcement until 11 April 2024.

After this date, you can exercise your right to vote by handing it in at a Correos office.

Applicants have until 17 April 2024 to drop off the envelope containing their vote, during usual post office opening hours.

For the upcoming elections, the Electoral Census Office asks that the vote be dropped off by the voter themselves, in person. In the event of not being able to do this themselves, voters may authorise someone else to do it on their behalf. This representative must show the corresponding authorisation, a photocopy of the official ID document of the voter and their own official ID document. To make this process easier, Correos has made a template authorisation document available to all voters. Download it here.


Request your vote online via our website or by going to any Correos post office.
Once you have made your request, we will send your application to the Electoral Census Office (OCE), who will send you the necessary documentation for you to be able to vote by post.
Hand your postal vote in at a Correos office. We will deliver your vote to the corresponding polling station on the day of the elections.