If you are expecting an international shipment, remember that all goods, including online purchases, may be subject to restrictions and the payment of Customs duties and Correos management fees, depending on the content, their value and other criteria applied to shipments by Customs:

  • Customs import duties according to current legislation:
    • Payment of Customs duties (European Union tax) based on the content of the shipment.
    • Payment of Spanish taxes (VAT) or local taxes (IGIC, AIEM, IPSI) where applicable.
    • Payment of special taxes on tobacco, alcohol, etc.
  • Correos costs for the management and processing of a shipment:
    • Processing of the Import Tariff Single Administrative Document (SAD) for presentation to Customs. (Ordinary SAD shipments > 150 EUR)
    • Tariff for Customs Management (shipments ≤ 150 EUR not arriving by IOSS)
    • Costs arising from border safety controls, depending on the nature of the shipment (sanitary, pharmaceutical, veterinary, etc.).
    • Any costs arising from procedures needed for Customs management of the shipment.

It is essential to present the commercial invoice, proof of payment via internet for any objects purchased online or for shipments of goods or any other document that may be required.

It is the recipient's responsibility to know the conditions for importing their shipment (prohibitions, restrictions, limitations, etc.) and to find out what documents may be required on arrival, including the commercial invoice, certificate of origin, licences and special authorisations for border controls, etc.

Importing postal items to Spain from the United Kingdom, except for the territory of Northern Ireland.

Since 1 January 2021, shipments containing goods from the United Kingdom, except for the territory of Northern Ireland, need to be presented to Spanish Customs for clearance so that Correos  can proceed with the delivery thereof to the recipients in Spain.

The recipient will have to bear the costs corresponding to the customs processing and must also pay any taxes imposed in accordance with current customs regulations (VAT or the Canary Island General Indirect Tax (IGIC) in the Canary Islands) and Special Taxes. However, they may be exempt from the payment of customs duty when there is documentary proof  that the goods contained in the shipment originated in the United Kingdom, except the territory of Northern Ireland.


Mainland Spain and Balearic Islands imports

Bringing goods from outside the European Union, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla into the Iberian peninsula or Balearic Islands is subject to a customs import procedure.


Canary Islands imports

Any goods that enter the Canary Islands are subject to customs import procedures.


Ceuta imports

Any goods imported into Ceuta may be subject to customs import procedures.


Melilla imports

Correos does not carry out any customs representative services in this territory.