Ecommerce Mailbox

No more worries about being at home. Correos receives your parcels for you.


€ 30

Pay us a visit at any of our offices and ask us about our Ecommerce Mailbox service.
Give us the details of the user. You can add up to a maximum of 4 beneficiaries and 3 authorised persons.
Receive all your shipments, regardless of the operator, at your Correos office, without having to worry about being at home to receive them.    

Product information


Correos presents the  Ecommerce Mailbox service with which you will be able to receive all your shipments, regardless of the operator, at the Correos office of your choice.

With the help of the Ecommerce Mailbox you no longer have to wait at home to receive your shipments. All your shipments will be received at the chosen office as if they were Correos's own shipments.

Service details

Although the main objective of the Ecommerce Mailbox is to facilitate the reception of your shipments, the shipments to be received in your new mailbox must comply with a series of conditions:

Weights and measurements

  • Maximum weight: 40 kg
  • Maximum measurements: Length + Height + Width ≤ 300 cm (the largest being less than 240 cm)

Type of shipments:

  • The shipment may not be an ordinary shipment.
  • If it is a shipment from another operator, you may not have any pending payments (counter-refunding, customs formalities, etc.).
  • Administrative notifications or money orders cannot be received through this service either.

Furthermore, the contract period will be for one year or for the receipt of 30 shipments. If after this time you want to continue with the service,  you can renew your Ecommerce Mailbox immediately.


The price of the service is € 30 (tax included), for a contract period of one year or for the reception of 30 shipments.