Envelopes and packaging

Whatever you are sending, you can always trust our high quality packaging and self-adhesive closures.

Choose your perfect packaging. We offer a wide range of products in our online store and in all Correos branches!
Prepare your shipment. Write your details and those of the recipient clearly in a visible place on the packaging and close it securely.
Come and see us. Find your nearest Correos branch and bring us your delivery. We will ensure it arrives at its destination.

Product information


At Correos, we adapt to you. That is why we offer a huge range of products in our online store.

From laid paper envelopes in high quality white paper to boxes printed with unique and special patterns.

We offer all types of format, from semi-rigid envelopes that protect your most important deliveries to padded, plastic envelopes that are ideal for gifts.

Our goal is to adjust to what you need at all times, while always respecting the environment with the Línea Bosques range of eco-friendly products.


Check out the prices of your favourite products in the extensive catalogue in our online store.

A huge variety, and always the highest quality!