Prepaid Packaging

Buy your packaging at an agreed price and Correos will take care of the rest.

Buy your prepaid packaging in any Correos Post Office.
Prepare your shipment. Write your details and those of the recipient clearly in a visible place on the packaging and close it securely.
Come and see us. Find your nearest Correos Post Office or postbox and deposit your delivery. We will ensure it arrives at its destination.

Product information


At Correos, we adapt to you. That is why we offer a wide range of prepaid packaging, so we can always meet your needs:

Prepaid envelopes

  • American, with or without window 110 x 225 mm and up to 20 g.
  • Square: 120 x 176 mm and up to 20 g.
  • Din A5: 190 x 250 mm and up to 100 g.

Prepaid bags.

  • PAQ 48 prepaid envelope bag (individual): up to 350 g.
  • PAQ 48 prepaid envelope bag (individual): up to 1 kg.

Delivery details

Sending a delivery in Prepaid Packaging from Correos is very easy:

  • Fill in your details and those of the recipient. No stamps or labels.
  • Put your standard deliveries in any Correos postbox.
  • Bring your recorded deliveries to one of our Post Offices. 

Guarantees and delivery periods

Registered deliveries have the compensation and delivery periods for the associated product.


Every delivery has its price and Correos has the best. Just visit a Post Office for more information.