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Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD)

Digital recorded delivery receipt.
Send through Online Post Office. If you want, you can also register. It’s quick, easy and free.
Write your letter or upload a PDF document.
Configure your letter. Choose B/W or colour and if you want ordinary or certified post.
Fill in the recipient's details or upload a file with multiple recipients, and make the payment with a bank card or PayPal.

Product information


The Digital Letter facilitates the sending of communications that must be physically delivered to one or multiple recipients, managed fully online through our website.

With our Digital Letter, you can manage your shipments at any time, from anywhere:

  • Easier than ever: make your shipments directly from your computer, at any time without queueing in our Post Offices.
  • We do it for you: save printing, envelope and paper costs.
  • Share the tracking of the certified letter with whoever needs it.

You can choose whether your letter is ordinary or certified, both nationally and internationally.

For national certified letters, you can also add the  Electronic Proof of Delivery (EPD) service.

Also, during the process, you can decide if the letter should be printed in black and white (B/W) or colour.

Document details

If you are going to upload a document, check that it meets these requirements:

  • Format: Adobe Acrobat (PDF). Check that it is not protected and doesn't have a digital signature.
  • File size: maximum 1 MB.
  • Dimensions: 210 x 297 mm (DIN A4).
  • Number of pages: maximum 20, for the document and the cover page.

If your letter includes a Logo:

  • Position: insert it in the header of the letter, in the upper left.
  • Image format: JPEG or GIF.
  • Size: maximum 1 MB.
  • Dimensions: 200 x 75 pixels. If it is larger it will be reduced.

Or a Signature:

  • Position: inserted at the end of the letter.
  • Image format: JPEG or GIF.
  • Size: maximum 1 MB.
  • Dimensions: 500 x 200 pixels. If it is too big 

Don't worry, if your letter does not meet any of these requirements, a warning will appear during the process indicating the changes to make.

Guarantees and delivery periods

If your letter is certified, we will compensate you if it is lost or damaged:

  • National shipments: €30.
  • International shipments: charge paid + 30 SDR.

Also, we will deliver your shipment as quickly as we can.

The Digital Letter is printed and put in an envelope so that it is ready for distribution the morning after you send it from our website.

Although the letters do not have a delivery time guarantee, we strive to deliver them as soon as possible:

  • National destinations: in 3 days (93% of cases).
  • Europe: 2 to 4 days (depending on country).

Printing and placing in envelopes

Once it is ready, we will take care of printing it:

On white 80g A4 paper. Printing quality is 1200 ppi for colour and 300 ppi for black and white.

Printing is done single-sided.

And to prepare it for sending to its destination:

In a double-windowed (sender and recipient) white envelope. The size will depend on the number of pages being sent:

  • From 1 - 6 pages: C5 envelope (162 x 229 mm)
  • From 7 - 20 pages: C4 envelope (229 x 324 mm)


The price of the Carta Digital includes the production charge (printing and placing in an envelope) plus the postage charge (postal delivery).
Consult your rates here or at Correos Offices.