Paq Maleta

Travelling with luggage is so last century. Now with Correos, your luggage goes straight to your holiday destination and home again without you having to carry it.

Go to any Correos Office and ask for the Paq Maleta. 
Deposit your luggage at any of our branches or in our T4 locker, or ask for it to be collected from your home.
Stick the labels we will provide on each of the bags to be transported, and keep the ticket stub. 
Collect your luggage or choose to have it sent to an address. Don’t forget your ID! You’ll need it when we deliver your luggage. 

Product information


Holidays are for switching off and enjoying yourself. It’s enough hassle just packing your bags, without having to lug them about on your journey. Have you ever thought of travelling with just the essentials? Correos makes this dream come true with the Paq Maleta! 

 This service is the easiest way to travel: we’ll take your suitcases where you want, anywhere on mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands. Get in the car, the train or the plane with nothing to worry about. Dragging your bags around is a thing of the past.

Our process is very simple! We pick up your luggage where you want, or if you prefer, you can leave it at any Correos Office. We deliver it within 24 hours if the journey is between provincial capitals with frequent connections, or within 48 hours for other destinations in mainland Spain.

Delivery details

The Paq Maleta service lets you send up to 5 bags or packages, with a maximum weight of 25kg per item. Important! You can send your luggage to 230 destinations in Spain.

When dropping off and picking up your luggage, you will have to identify yourself with your ID card (or a National Police receipt for your ID card), your passport or your Residency card. 

Do you want somebody else to pick up your luggage?

In that case, the person collecting the luggage for you must present written authorisation, signed by you, which includes your and their personal details, plus a photocopy of your ID document.


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