Return items with CityPaq

Return packages via our CityPaq network, with no registration necessary.

Make a request to the online store to return with Correos. The shop where you made the purchase will give you a valid return code, as long as it has a contract with Correos.

Select the size of the parcel, that way we can give you a space according to the size of your return at the selected locker. To calculate the measurements correctly, don’t forget to pack the parcel first. We will show you reference items to guide you on each size. We’ll send you the opening code for the space where you leave your parcel.

Go to Citypaq and leave it. Enter the opening code manually on the counter screen. The space allotted for you to leave your parcel will open. And you are ready to go! Your return is on its way!

If you prefer, you can do returns using Citypaq as a registered user on the website or with the Citypaq app. You can also track your return and get the opening code for the space selected.

Download the Citypaq app now:

Como las llaves de tu taquilla, pero digital. Sigue la pista a tu paquete sin preocuparte por nada, nosotros te avisamos cuando esté listo para recoger.

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