Paquete Internacional Premium

The goal of your shipment is to arrive on time, to anywhere in the world.



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Additional services


Take out complementary insurance that covers loss or damage to your postal items, up to a maximum limit of €3,000.
Describe the items. This service allows the packages that make up a shipment list to be identified and catalogued.
Register all the recipients to whom you want to send the parcels and indicate if you want to include any additional service.
Make the payment by bank card, PayPal, through any of our Post Offices or using a prepaid envelope.
Print the labels that identify the parcels before bringing them to one of our Post Offices.

Product information


Paquete Internacional Premium is the best option for those shipments that need to travel far and get there quickly:

  • Maximum speed: urgent deliveries, always on time.  
  • More secure: home delivery, signed by the recipient.
  • For your peace of mind: extensive coverage thanks to the EMS network and exceptional guarantees. EMS is a special Correos Express service for international parcels, offered by the postal service of each country involved in the shipment process.
  • Everywhere: for international destinations that allow this service.

Delivery details

You choose your perfect packaging. You can purchase from the range of products available in our Online Shop and in all Correos Post Offices.

Of course, the size must fit these measurements:


  • Box: Length + Height + Width = 200 cm, with no measurement being more than 105 cm.
  • Roll or tube: Length = 100 cm and Diameter = 15 cm.


  • Envelope or box: 14 x 9.
  • Roll or tube: Length + twice the diameter = 17 cm, with no measurement being less than 10 cm.

If you want to send something smaller, don't worry, you just have to add a 10 x 7 cm label with the address and postage.

And it should weigh no more than 30 kg! (Depending on the destination country).

Consult the list of international zones and how they are divided up

Guarantees and delivery periods

If your shipment suffers an incident arriving at its destination, Correos will compensate you. If you would like the compensation to be paid to the recipient, you must provide signed authorisation.

We know you place your trust in us and this is our way of saying thank you:

Paquete Internacional Premium Delivery Times Annex I. Terms and conditions for delivery periods for international parcels
International Guarantees:
For delay:
  • Period for presenting an incident or claim: minimum 7 days and maximum 21 days, from the delivery date of the shipment.
  • Compensation: for delays attributable to Correos, the corresponding price is reimbursed excluding any added value services.
  • Conditions: the delivery times are given for the journey from the reception Post Office in Spain to large cities in the destination country. The transport time to the rest of the country may be 1 or 2 more days.
  • Also, if the item is received after 14:00 in provincial capitals or 13:00 in the rest of the country, the delivery time is calculated from the day after reception.
  • The time the shipments spend in customs at the point of origin and/or destination is also omitted when calculating delivery times, therefore it is important to note all the details clearly on the postal documents, as well as providing the documents needed to speed up customs processing (commercial invoice, pro forma invoice, etc.).
For damage:
  • Deadlines in which to register an incident or claim: minimum 3 days and maximum 4 months, from the reception date of the shipment.
  • Compensation: up to a maximum of €52.98 depending on the value of the damage to the parcel. The charge paid and any insurance contracted can be added to the amount of the compensation, the maximum coverage of which is € 3,000. 
  • Conditions: if an international shipment managed by Correos is received with damaged packaging, the recipient must notify the postal employee of the incident and request a damage report before signing for the shipment. They must also contact the sender to make the corresponding claim with Correos.
  • Required documents: if claiming for a damaged shipment or missing content which has Insurance or Declared Value, we may ask for documentation accrediting the value of the goods, or invoices for repair or replacement.
  • Correos reserves the right to assess whether the package was correctly protected to ensure the contents remained intact. During reception, our staff may advise you on how to prepare your shipment and offer you the most appropriate packaging.
For loss:
  • Deadlines in which to register an incident or claim: minimum 7 days and maximum 4 months, from the reception date of the shipment.
  • Compensation: price paid + €52.98.
  • If the shipment is covered by Insurance or a Declared Value (max.€3,000), the compensation would be the price paid + 52.98 euros + Insurance or Declared Value.
  • Documents to provide: if claiming for a lost shipment or missing content, with Insurance or Declared Value, we may ask for documentation accrediting the value of the goods, or invoices for repair or replacement.

And of course we will deliver your shipment as quickly as we can.

Locate the branch of Correos that is closest to you and bring your parcel to us. Remember than the delivery periods depend on the country of destination:

  • To calculate delivery times, we use working days in the country of origin and the destination.
  • The delivery time is from when we receive the parcel in one of our Post Offices until we deliver it in the destination city. To deliver it to the outskirts, we may need between 1 and 2 days more.
  • We do not count days from causes beyond the control of Correos such as storms, strikes or workers' disputes as delays.
  • Neither do we count days that shipments are held at customs. This is why it is very important that all information is clearly written in a visible place on the packaging and that you provide the necessary documents for customs procedures (commercial invoice, pro forma invoice, etc.).
  • If the shipment is addressed to a Apartado Postal or Poste Restante, we will count the days from when we accept the shipment at one of our Post Offices until we deposit it at its destination or receive the corresponding notice.
  • The delivery time for an online pre-registration shipment begins when you bring it to Correos.
  • Write the information about your shipment in Spanish or English. If you do it in the language of the destination country, also include a translation into one of these two languages. We do not recommend using Cyrillic, Arabic or Chinese characters, as it may delay delivery.
  • Remember that if you bring us your shipment after 17:00, the delivery period will start from the next day.


Consult your rates here or at Correos Offices.