Paquete Internacional Standard

Your shipments will have preferential treatment, without emptying your pockets.



Paquete Internacional Standard From €32.10 SEND

Additional services


Take out complementary insurance that covers loss or damage to your postal items, up to a maximum limit of €3,000.
Describe the items. This service allows the packages that make up a shipment list to be identified and catalogued.
Register all the recipients to whom you want to send the parcels and indicate if you want to include any additional service.
Make the payment by bank card, PayPal, through any of our Post Offices or using a prepaid envelope.
Print the labels that identify the parcels before bringing them to one of our Post Offices.

Product information


If you want the best price for those shipments that can't wait, Paquete Internacional Standard is the ideal option.

  • Tailor-made for you: preferential shipments at the best price.
  • More secure: home delivery, signed by the recipient.
  • For your peace of mind: wide global coverage and guarantees from Correos.
  • Everywhere: for international destinations that allow this service.

Delivery details

You choose your perfect packaging. You can purchase from the range of products available in our Online Shop and in all Correos Post Offices.

Of course, the size must fit these measurements:


  • Box: Length + Height + Width = 200 cm, with no measurement being more than 105 cm.
  • Roll or tube: Length = 100 cm and Diameter = 15 cm.


  • Envelope or box: 14 x 9.
  • Roll or tube: Length + twice the diameter = 17 cm, with no measurement being less than 10 cm.

If you want to send something smaller, don't worry, you just have to add a 10 x 7 cm label with the address and postage.

And it should weigh no more than 30 kg! (Depending on the destination country).

The volumetric weight is calculated by us.

Now you just have to tell us where you would like us to send it:

  • It is important that your details and those of the recipient are clearly visible on the packaging.
  • Remember that you can generate the label and pay for the shipment right here.

Important! Remember that these deliveries cannot be to PO Boxes or Poste Restante.

Consult the list of international zones and how they are divided up

Guarantees and delivery periods

If your shipment suffers an incident arriving at its destination, Correos will compensate you. If you would like the compensation to be paid to the recipient, you must provide signed authorisation.

We know you place your trust in us and this is our way of saying thank you:

Annex I. Terms and conditions for delivery periods for international parcels
International Guarantees:
For loss:
  • Deadlines in which to register an incident or claim: minimum 15 days and maximum 6 months, from the reception date of the shipment.
  • Compensation: rate paid + 40 SDR + 4.5 SDR/kg.
  • If the shipment has Insurance or Declared Value, with a maximum coverage of €3,000, the compensation would be the rate paid + Insurance or Declared Value.
  • The Special Drawing Right (SDR) is a currency created and used by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) whose value is the sum of certain amounts of various currencies: the US dollar, the euro, the Chinese yuan, the Japanese yen and the British pound. SDRs can be exchanged against freely usable currencies.
  • Documents to provide: if claiming for a lost shipment or missing content, with Insurance or Declared Value, we may ask for documentation accrediting the value of the goods, or invoices for repair or replacement.

And of course we will deliver your shipment as quickly as we can.

Locate the branch of Correos that is closest to you and bring your parcel to us. Remember than the delivery periods depend on the country of destination.


Consult your rates here or at Correos Offices.