Ethics channel

The Correos Group Ethics Channel is a way to report any potential breaches of our General Code of Conduct, as well as any acts or failures to act that could constitute a breach of regulations under Spanish Law 2/2023, of 20 February, governing the protection of whistleblowers and the fight against corruption. 

Reports will always be treated confidentially. 

The reporting channel may be used anonymously.

The Ethics Channel should always be used in good faith. The information provided via the Ethics Channel should be truthful and only relate to a single act or failure to act potentially constituting a breach of the law or our General Code of Conduct. 

The law guarantees that no reprisals will be taken against someone who makes proper use of the Ethics Channel. The rights of those people who get in touch with us will be respected at all times. However, penalties will be applied in those cases in which the channel is used in bad faith, such as to report false information, for example.

The Ethics Channel can be used to:

  • File a report in writing
  • File a report by voice recording
  • Track the progress of a previously filed report (contact will be maintained with the person filing a report via the Ethics Channel using the unique code generated by the channel after filing a report).

The Ethics Channel cannot be used for other purposes, such as purely employment-related matters not involving a breach of the law (e.g. inter-personal conflicts not involving abuse or hiring terms and conditions) or complaints referring to the ordinary management of services provided by Group companies (e.g. locating a delivery), which should be managed via the channels in place to do so.

 Our data protection policy can be consulted here