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12 meses, 12 sellos. Tenerife

  • Issue date: 01/08/2017
  • Printing Process: Offset
  • Paper: Autoadhesivo
  • Size of stamp: 35 x 24,5 mm
  • Sheet effects: 50
  • Postal value of the stamps: 1.35 €
  • Print run: Ilimitada


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Santa Cruz de Tenerife joins the series that Correos launched this year, 12 months, 12 stamps. During the month of its issue, this stamp will be used as a single type of postage for all parcels sent from the post offices in the featured province. The Santa Cruz de Tenerife stamp, in line with the previous ones, is represented with the letters TF, which represent the old vehicle number plates in Spain.

The space within the letters shows significant elements of the province.

Potatoes with mojo picón sauce: potatoes are a mainstay of the Canary Islands diet. One of the region’s most famous dishes around the world is wrinkly potatoes with mojo picón sauce. Mojo is a typical sauce whose main ingredient is what the islanders call pimienta picona, which is a type of hot pepper.

Ancient dragon tree: this is the plant symbol for the island of Tenerife. Legend says that it takes its name from the Latin for dragon because these flying beasts transformed into this tree when they disappeared.It has one very special unique feature: unlike most plant species, its sap is not white but rather red.

Dolphin: these cetaceans are a common sight near the coast of the Canary Islands. They are considered one of the most intelligent species living on our planet. These animals often interact with humans and many tourists come to the islands to see them.

Carnivals: Carnival is celebrated in large in the Canary Islands. The Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival is considered the second-most popular carnival in the world after the one held in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). It has been declared a Festival of International Tourism Interest.

Teide: this natural wonder is the most-visited anywhere in Spain. It is a volcano that reaches 3,718 metres above sea level, being the highest peak in the country. It forms part of the Teide National Park and was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The lower blue stripe refers to the main colour of the provincial flag.


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