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12 meses, 12 sellos. Madrid

  • Issue date: 01/03/2018
  • Printing Process: Offset
  • Paper: Autoadhesivo
  • Size of stamp: 35 x 24.5 mm
  • Sheet effects: 50
  • Postal value of the stamps:
    Tarifa A + Consultar tarifas vigentes
    Tarifas Año 2020
    A 0,65€
    A2 0,75€
    B 1.45€
    C 1.55€
  • Print run: Ilimitada



Madrid is the big attraction in a new issue of stamps: 12 months, 12 stamps, 12 provinces. This stamp will be used this month as a single type of postage for all mailings from post offices in the featured province. It is represented by the letter M, referring to the vehicle number plates once used in Spain. Madrid is the capital  of Spain, the nerve centre of our country. A blend of peoples and cultures, a city of dreams to be fulfilled, a city that welcomes everyone who wants to stay there.  Some of its most notable features appear on this stamp.

Palacio Real de Aranjuez. This was one of the Spanish royal family’s residences, located in Villa de Aranjuez on the bank of the River Tajo. Managed today by Patrimonio Nacional, it is one of our country’s most visited monuments.

El Retiro. The green lung of our capital Madrid, this historical garden is also one of the city's main tourist attractions. Its Palacio de Cristal and lake, the Estanque, provide a background for the city’s daily visiting tourists.

Puerta de Alcalá. This is one of the five royal gates that used to give access to Madrid. Designed by the Italian architect, Francesco Sabatini, it watches over the Goddess Cybele that presides over the junction between Calle de Alcalá and Paseo de Recoletos.

Km. 0. Puerta del Sol de Madrid has been the location of the so-called Kilometre Zero since 1950, from where all the country’s radial highways begin.

Gato. That is the name given to them by three generations of residents in Madrid. It is said they are hard to find in Madrid, so Madrid is a mixture of many towns.

Cocido Madrileño. A typical dish from the region: chickpeas, meat, chicken, sausage and various greens, where the first part you eat is its soup and then all the rest.

El Oso y el Madroño (The Bear and the Strawberry Tree) Antonio Navarro Santafé created this sculpture representing the town’s heraldic arms. It can be seen at the Puerta del Sol.

Chotis. A popular and traditional dance of the people of Madrid that is performed to the sound of the hurdy-gurdy. Men with a cap, waistcoat and carnation in their lapel. Woman with a dress, handkerchief, carnation and shawl.

La Cabrera. This palaeozoic massif in Madrid's Sierra Norte (northern mountain range) adorns the city’s countryside with granite and granodiorite rocks.

The lower red stripe alludes to the provincial flag.

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