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Año Mundial de la Física

  • Issue date: 28/04/2005
  • Printing Process: Offset
  • Paper: Autoadhesivo fosforescente
  • Size of stamp: 28,8 x 40,9 mm. (vertical)
  • Sheet effects: 20
  • Postal value of the stamps: 0,28 €
  • Print run: Ilimitada

2005 has been declared by the UNESCO World Day of Physics on occasion of the hundredth anniversary of the publication of the theories of Albert Einstein which changed the course of Science. The Spanish Post, as other post companies around the world, commemorates this event with this auto adhesive issue which depicts the official logo of the Year of Physics, a cone of light and the famous formula created by the genius E= mc2.


It was in 1905 when young physicist Albert Einstein , who in his childhood had shown signs of difficulties in reading and memorising, published in the prestigious German magazine Annalen der Physik a collection of articles on the Theory of special or restricted relativity, The Quantum Theory (photoelectric effect) and the Brownian Motion, which, with a devastating logic shattered the basis of known Physics and gave way to a new conception of Science. The relationship mass-energy was expressed in the famous equation E= mc2, which relates the mass (m) of a body with its energy (E) , (c ) being the speed of light. At that moment, the author, only 26 years old, wasn’t aware of the enormous power this formula held and which deeply revolutionized the vision of the universe. Its application varies from nuclear and atomic weapons to medical, social and technical use. In later years, Albert Einstein ( Germany 1879 – U.S.A. 1955) became e lecturer at the universities of Zurich, Prague and Berlin. In 1916 he published his Theory of relativity and in 1921 was awarded the Nobel Price in Physics for his works on the photoelectric effect. Due to his Jewish descent, in 1933 he was made to leave Germany when Hitler came to power, and after living in Paris and Belgium obtained the American citizenship. He was acknowledged internationally ,publicly expressed his opinions on the problems of his time and fought against Nazism and nuclear weapons, always showing a great kindness and modesty. The World Day of Physics aims at arising the interest of young people in the study of this subject and spreading the importance and repercussion of Physics in the different fields of every day life.

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