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  • Issue date: 11/02/2010
  • Printing Process: Offset
  • Paper: Estucado, engomado, fosforescente
  • Size of stamp: 40,9 x 28,8 mm. (horizontales)
  • Sheet effects: 50
  • Postal value of the stamps: 1,00 y 2,00 €
  • Print run: Ilimitada para los dos valores postales
  • Dented: 13 3/4

Under the title Civic Values, two stamps are issued devoted to Recycling and to Responsible consumption.


The phrase so much used in past decades “single use or disposable products” has been replaced by “use and recycle”, promoting waste reduction and the reuse of materials. Recycling consist of processing used materials into new products to prevent waste of potentially useful materials.


The accumulation of waste is becoming a major concern for mankind and United Nations has urged Governments, industry and individuals to promote recycling, the usage of biodegradable products and the development and implementation of waste processing systems to avoid environmental pollution. As individuals, recycling begins with the sorting of our own waste and its deposit in different containers: blue ones for paper and cardboard; yellow for plastic and tins; light green for glass and dark green for organic residues. Correos, as other institutions and companies, participates in the sustainability of our environment by selling parcel boxes made of recycled materials.


The stamp features the international symbol of recycling, three green arrows making a triangle with no beginning or end. Inside are depicted some paper envelopes undergoing a continuous recycling process.


To change consumption patterns, buy only what is necessary and purchase environment friendly products are some of the aims on which responsible consumption focuses. Both ecologist associations and the UN underline the importance of and the urgent need for a worldwide change in consumption and production patterns and attitudes especially in the industrialized countries. The emphasis also lies on the role of consumers on choosing to buy products which commit to certain social, ethic and environmental conditions.


The stamp depicts the logo “Put a stop consumption” and the design is based on abstract concepts locked in a jar. Both stamps have been designed by Jesús Sánchez studio

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