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2000s Generation

  • Type: On sale from 30 September 2019
  • Theme: Countries
  • Year: 2019
  • Month: 9
  • Measurements: 27 x 27 cm. (closed)
  • Binding: In full colour
  • P.V.P.: €40 (including VAT)     Sujeto a cambio de tarifa anual vigente.

2000s Generation folder

Correos continues the Generations Collection, which started in 2016 with the 1950s Generation. This year is the penultimate edition of the Collection. The 2000s Generation will be on sale from September.

As in previous years, the stamp collectors voted for the theme of the future stamp. Although there is another Generation to issue (the 2010s), keep an eye out for the next year, so you can vote for your favourite theme.

The collection is being issued over the course of several years, with each issue representing a decade:

1950s.  Publication in 2016

1960s.  Publication in 2017

1970s.  Publication in 2017

1980s.  Publication in 2018

1990s.  Publication in 2018

2000s. Publication in 2019

2010s. Publication in 2020

This folder compiles 10 stamps in its respective stamp pouches, in addition to the mini sheet from September 2019 about the 2000s Generation.

This year, the free gift included with this folder is the Europoly game.

The print run has 1,000 units and it costs €40.

Print run: 1000

Price: 50 euros


RRP €40  (inc. VAT)


Now available! Don’t miss this opportunity:

 - Email:

 - Phone:   902 197 197

 - Philately online: Place an order  (for registered customers only)



Generación 2000
Generación 2000
Generación 2000
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