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Coverage and guarantees for international deliveries

If any of your deliveries has been affected by an incident we provide the following support information:


International deliveries are not eligible for compensation for delays in delivery, except for Paq Premium Internacional.


If a delivery to another country sent through Correos is received with damaged packaging, its recipient must notify the post office employee of the incident before signing the receipt, request a damage report to be filed, and contact the sender who can lodge a complaint with Correos.

Correos reserves the right to assess whether the package was correctly protected to ensure the content remained intact. It is the sender’s responsibility to choose and prepare the packaging of a shipment to ensure it remains intact during its transport to the destination. When sending it, Correos staff can advise you on how to prepare your shipment and offer you the most appropriate packaging .


The beneficiary of any compensation for damage or loss will always be the sender. If the sender wants the recipient to receive the compensation, they must present a signed request to Correos authorising the compensation for the recipient.

The following types of compensation are awarded for loss or damage:

  • In the case of total loss or irreparable damage to the entire content of the shipment, compensation will be the same as that for for mislaying the shipment, corresponding to the type of delivery and whether it is insured or has a declared value, according to the coverage of the product


  • In the case of partial loss or damage, the postage costs will be deducted from the corresponding compensation for loss, and the resulting amount used for calculating compensation in proportion to the weight of the lost or damaged contents. For compensation to be granted in the case of shipments with insurance and declared values of over 300 euros, the sender must also present the invoices or supporting documents proving the value of the contents, or an invoice for the damaged contents' repair.


Area Product Period for presenting a complaint 1 Compensation 2
Minimum Maximum Loss or mislaying Delays


Registered Letter 15 6 months Rate paid + 30 SDR3 -
Carta Certificada urgente (Special delivery registered letter) 10 6 months Rate paid + 30 SDR3 -
Paq Premium Internacional
(formerly EMS Postal Exprés Internacional)
7 4 months Rate paid + €52.98 Rate paid
Paq Standard Internacional
(formerly Paquete Internacional Prioritario)
15 6 months Rate paid + 40 SDR3 + 4.5 SDR3/Kg. -
Paq Internacional Económico 25 6 months Rate paid + 40 SDR3 + 4.5 SDR3/Kg. -
Paq Light Internacional 10 6 months - -
Telegram 3 4 months - Rate paid
Burofax 3 4 months - Rate paid
Giro Internacional 7 6 months - -


1 From the date of receipt of the shipment. Calendar days.
2 Except customers with contracts, who will receive compensation according to the terms and conditions set out in their contracts.

3 Unit price of the Special Drawing Right (SDR) in 2018: 1 DEG= €1.1950