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Halted item management guide

Gestiona tu estacionadoWhat is a grounded shipment?

This is a shipment whose delivery has been halted by an incident.


Gestiona tu estacionadoWhen do incidents occur?

When a breakage or failure is detected
When there is not enough data about the recipient for making the delivery.
When the address is incorrect or unknown.
When no one takes charge of the delivery.


Gestiona tu estacionadoHow long does a grounded shipment last for?

Parcel shipments will remain grounded for 5 natural days to allow for changes to data.


Gestiona tu estacionadoHowcan I get my shipment ungrounded?

If you represent the Company sending the request, you can amend data through your user account on our Virtual Office>

If you are the recipient of the shipment, only where you have received an email and/or a text message stating your shipment number and pin can you amend data, in Managing grounded shipments>


Gestiona tu estacionadoWhat do I do if I have no PIN?

Get in touch with the company sending you the parcel and they will deal with the procedure.

If the sender is a private individual, they will have to call Customer Services within five calendar days: 902 197 197;  Mon-Fri 8 am to 9 pm and Sat 9 am to 1 pm.