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What is a failed delivery notice?

The Delivery Notice is an informative document for the recipient of a delivery. The postman will put it in the mailbox if the recipient is not home when attempting to make a delivery.

This document contains all the information needed for the recipient to collect their package. Step-by-step instructions:


On the front, you will find:



“Recipient”: this is the information about the person to whom the package was sent and, by default, this is the only person authorised to collect.

Just below, you will find the “Delivery Details”: The delivery number, its origin, sender details and the date on which the delivery attempt was made.

Under “Delivery Status” you will see whether another delivery attempt will be made, whether you should come to collect the package (please note that the package will only be available for collection as from the next working day) or whether the package will be returned to sender.

The “Type” indicates the type of package you have received (ordinary, urgent, cash on delivery, etc.).

Based on the type of “Product” (letter, paquete azul, telegram, etc.), the document also specifies how long the package will be kept for collection. After this time, the package will be returned to the sender.


On the rear of the notice, you will find the following information:



“Branch”: this shows the details of the branch where you should collect the package: address, opening times and contact telephone number.

“Collection Requirements”. If you are unable to collect personally, you will need to complete this section to authorise someone else. Please remember that, besides the delivery notice, the authorised person will need to show their ID card and a photocopy of the recipient’s ID card. This authorisation will be accepted for all delivery methods except restricted delivery.