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Postal vote from Spain

Information taken from the general electoral regulations.

• Postal vote application forms are available to voters in Post Offices all over Spain. The forms are also published for free download on the official website of the Basque Government and the Xunta de Galicia.

• Once the voter has filled in the official postal vote application form, they will hand it in personally at any Correos Post Office free of charge. They must show their original National Identity Document (DNI - the receipt for a DNI application does not count, as it does not bear a photograph), Driving licence (with photograph) or Passport (with photograph) so the Post Office employee can check their identity and signature. These documents may be presented even if expired, but they must be the originals, not photocopies.

• The corresponding Provincial Delegation of the Electoral Census Office will send all the necessary documentation for voting to the voter by registered post. This documentation will be delivered personally to the person concerned at the address indicated on the application form (after two failed attempts at delivery to said address, an arrival notification will be left for it to be collected from the corresponding post office).

• Once the documentation has been received, the voter will present the official envelope addressed to the polling station, containing the certificate accrediting inclusion in the electoral census and their vote using the voting slip, at any post office in Spain. The item will be sent by urgent registered post, free of charge.

In the event of illness or disability, this must be accredited via an official medical certificate, which should be included together with the postal voting request from and said form can be submitted by a person authorised before a notary public or before a consulate to submit the request form on the voter's behalf. Each voter may only be represented by one authorised person and each authorised person may only represent one voter. The Correos employee who registers the request will collect all the documentation submitted by the representative (notary or consulate power of attorney and official medical certificate), to forward them to the Electoral Census Office along with the request form.


Postal vote application
From 2 August to 15 September
Sending the voter the documentation to vote by post by the Electoral Census Office
From 5 to 18 September
Voters sending postal votes
From 5 to 21 September