Portal de Correos - Postal voting for Spanish voters who are temporarily residing abroad (E.R.T.A)


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Postal voting for Spanish voters who are temporarily residing abroad (E.R.T.A)

Information taken from the general electoral regulations

• Voters who are temporarily outside Spanish national territory when elections are called and who expect to remain so until election day should apply from overseas for the documentation necessary to exercise their right to vote. The application can be obtained from Spanish Consulate Offices or through the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (www.exteriores.gob.es). The voter must be registered in the Consulate Registry as a non-resident. If not registered, they may register when they collect the application form or when they go to return it.

• The completed application form must be submitted in person at a Consulate Office or at an Embassy Consulate Section, which will then send it to the relevant Provincial Delegation of the Electoral Census Office.

• The Provincial Delegation of the Electoral Census Office sends the necessary documentation to the voter by registered post to the overseas address indicated in the application form.

• Once the documentation has been received, voters must send their vote to the polling station by urgent, registered post. 


Postal vote application
From 28 October to 22 November
The Electoral Census Office sends the voter the documentation to vote by post
Until 1 December (until 9 December in the case of appeals against the announcement of candidacies)
Voters return their postal vote
Until 17 December