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Importation into Peninsula and Balearic Islands
Importar cabecera

Customs processing for importing into mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands

Bringing goods from outside the European Union, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla into the Iberian peninsula or Balearic Islands is subject to a customs import procedure.

Moreover, bringing in certain goods from outside the European Union may be subject to safety controls (health, pharmaceutical, etc.) before being submitted to import customs clearance (DUA) at the Madrid Customs Office.

Parcels that are subject to customs import procedures because of the goods they contain will generate a requirement to pay duties and taxes, in addition to fees paid to Correos if you decide to select Correos as your customs representative.

If you are expecting a parcel from a country outside the European Union, Canary Islands, Ceuta or Melilla being sent to the Iberian Peninsula or Balearic Islands, it will be processed through one of the two procedures detailed below:

Simplified Import Procedure ( Simplified SAD)

Deliveries between private individuals with a value of 45 to 150 euros (or below 45 euros but due to a financial transaction (for example, internet purchases), will normally be processed by the Simplified Procedure, requiring a Simplified SAD to be presented to the Customs office.

Ordinary Import Procedure ( ordinary SAD)

Parcels for which any of the following circumstances apply are subject to the Ordinary Import Clearance:

1) Recipient is a company/legal entity

2) Value of goods is over €150

3) Goods are subject to safety controls (health, pharmaceutical, etc.)

4) Goods are subject to special taxes (tobacco, alcohol, etc.).