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Etiquetas Franqueadoras ATM
Etiquetas franqueadores ATM

The franking labels for correspondence are a philatelic collector's item, offered by numerous surrounding countries (France, Belgium, Portugal, Norway, United Kingdom, etc.) and which Correos stopped offering in 2006 when the Epelsa machines were taken off the market.

Correos has acquired a “PHILATELIC ATM” dispenser of labels printed on thermal paper, that are adhesive and allow for marking  postage at the A, A2, B and C rates1 .   It was installed for the first time at the 2016 National Stamp Fair, in Madrid, 21-24 April.

Use of the self-service machine: At certain events (Collector’s fairs, exhibits, etc.) or in its permanent location in the lobby of CCP Chamartín - Av. Pío XII, 108 Madrid (can be used by the general public. Opening hours: Mon-Fri from 9:00 to 14:00). The machine is very easy to use.

Each label has a sequence of digits printed on it. For example: B9ES16 ES01-0001-001, which identify: B: machine type, 9: month, ES: country, 16: year, ES01: machine number, 0001: session number (digits that increase with each purchase), and 001: label number within the same session  (maximum of 875 labels per session).

Use of machine for occasional orders: Anyone can purchase labels issued throughout the year even if they don't attend a fair or go to CCP Chamartín. You can order them at for a value of €200 or more, plus delivery charges.

In the event of an occasional order, the digit sequence of each label differs in terms of the machine number. It will only be printed with two sequences. Example of orders placed in the month of September: B9ES16 B004

These orders don't generate a receipt, but rather, an invoice issued by Correos.


For both cases of use there are six types issued by the machine ( ver detalles ):

- STRIP OF 4 LABELS: With the possibility of 4 rates (A, A2, B, C) or 4 labels with rate A.

- INDIVIDUAL LABELS: with any of the 4 charges and with the number of labels desired, with the motif desired.

The motifs will vary depending on where the machine is installed.

Printing on thermal paper, which is indelible for a minimum period of approximately 10 years.

The machine allows for a maximum purchase of €399.99 per session and only accepts payment by credit or debit card, (except for American Express and Diners Club).

We have designed a  special POSTMARK for postmarked ATM labels.

The philatelic ATM point is an authentic revolution in the world of stamp collecting, with innovative and attractive uses, as it allows for special temporary issues that can be easily adapted to the event or location along with adaptable charges.

Rates1   The current rates published each year by Correos. For 2017 they are: A (€0.50) , A2 (€0.60), B (€1.25) and C (€1.35)

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Etiquetas Franqueadoras ATM Ferias Año 2020

Feria Villanueva Serena

Issue date: 07/03/2020

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