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Stamp issues

These postage stamps help publicise cultural, social, and historical events, and generally promote a country’s image. Some are issued jointly with other countries.

They are shown in order of issue date, with the most recent issue first.

They have different formats and values, may be printed in different systems (offset, gravure, or chalcography) and can be used in different ways.

Stamp.- A single stamp per issue is the most common format.

Mini sheet.- A printed page with one or more stamps, with their corresponding postage value, different measurements and printing systems. It is a good way to group stamps on the same subject, and is the option for showing living people around the stamps.
Some examples: “300 AÑOS DE CORREOS EN ESPAÑA (1716-2016).Telégrafo” 21/04/2016 - 1 stamp

“Conjuntos Urbanos Patrimonio de la Humanidad. Segovia” 13/05/2015   - 2 stamps

Premium Sheet.- Unique philatelic items which enrich the variety, originality and quality of philatelic issues. Since 2014.
- Sheets of 12 to 20 stamps with a unique design and printing.
- Motifs and illustrations covering the whole sheet and relating to the theme of the stamps.
- They may include quotes from literature or descriptions.

      Ver todos los Pliegos Premium Año 2014

      Ver todos los Pliegos Premium Año 2015

      Ver todos los Pliegos Premium Año 2016

      See 2017 Premium Sheets

Mini-sheet.- Contains several commemorative stamps from Spain or Andorra, on a small sheet with issue motifs on the margins.
An example: “TICS. Redes Sociales” 14/05/2015

Booklet.- The stamps are presented in small blocks or sheets, with protective covers which help conserve them and make them easier to sell in vending machines.
An example: “Tradiciones y Costumbres”   16/03/2016


SALE OF STAMP ISSUES.- Correos sells stamps issued in the current year and the previous TWO years. To buy them:

   - You can SUBSCRIBE.- This way you can be sure of never missing an issue. You will receive all issues every three months.

   - You can place ORDERS.-  Via    or   call  902 197 197

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Issues Andorra Año 2014

Arquitectura del granit. Casa Felipó

Arquitectura del granit. Casa Felipó

Issue date: 10/11/2014



Issue date: 05/11/2014

Esports.Ultra Trail. Ronda dels cims

Esports.Ultra Trail. Ronda dels cims

Issue date: 09/06/2014

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