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Postmarks originated to mark stamps as used, but over the years they have acquired another value due to their large impact on philatelic collecting, as they reflect important events, values, and achievements of our society, reinforcing the image and presence of the Correos stamp.

There are two types of postmarks:

COMMEMORATIVE POSTMARKS  are created for an event, anniversary or important occasion “requested from Correos by an external party”, who may be an individual, or an institution or organisation. The franked image or text is a commemorative reference, guaranteed by the logo and symbol of Correos and a correlative annual number. This postmark is approved and authorised by Correos and used for manual franking in both temporary and permanent Correos offices.

POSTAL POSTMARKS   respond to a global concept or specific theme “generated and issued by Correos”, and may or may not have a dater. The franked image or text reflects the chosen theme, plus the logo and symbol of Correos. These are classified as:

   1. Special: those authorised and operated by external parties to Correos, whose authorisation of use corresponds to the Subdirectorate of Philately (E.g. Investigative databases, military, etc.)

   2. Operational: Postmarks that are used in post offices. They are currently divided into Operational for Main Offices and Tourist Offices.

   3. First day covers. Postmarks that commemorate the First Day of Circulation of the stamps.

   4. Postmarks for Presentation. Postmarks that correspond to the day on which the act of presentation for the stamp took place.

On this website, the Special, Operational and Presentation postmarks can be found in the section POSTCARDS.

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Postmarks Postal Año 2018

Gran Premio de Velocidad. Oficina Postal La Bañeza

Matasellos Turístico

Issue date: 30/7/2018

Presentación. Arte contemporáneo. Eduardo Arroyo. Madrid

Matasellos de Presentación

Issue date: 24/7/2018

Presentación. Centenario nacimiento Mariemma. Íscar

Matasellos de Presentación

Issue date: 17/7/2018

Presentación. Andorra. 25 anys  relacions Espanya-Andorra

Matasellos de Presentación

Issue date: 16/7/2018

Presentación. Andorra. 25è aniversari de la Constitució

Matasellos de Presentación

Issue date: 16/7/2018

Presentación. 12 meses 12 sellos. Valladolid. Valladolid

Matasellos de Presentación

Issue date: 16/7/2018

Presentación. Sello Solidario. Sto. Domingo de la Calzada

Matasellos de Presentación

Issue date: 13/7/2018

Presentación. Europa. Puentes. San Vicente de la Barquera

Matasellos de Presentación

Issue date: 10/7/2018

Presentación. Volvo Ocean Race 2017-2018. Alicante

Matasellos de Presentación

Issue date: 9/7/2018

Presentación. Día Int. personas con sordoceguera. Barcelona

Matasellos de Presentación

Issue date: 27/6/2018

Presentación. 12 meses 12 sellos. Catedral de León. León

Matasellos de Presentación

Issue date: 26/6/2018

Presentación. Valores Cívicos. Sello Solidario. Madrid

Matasellos de Presentación

Issue date: 21/6/2018

Presentación. 50 Aº Real Academia Olímpica Española. Madrid

Matasellos de Presentación

Issue date: 15/6/2018

Presentación. 150 Aº visita David A. Farragut. Madrid

Matasellos de Presentación

Issue date: 8/6/2018

Presentación. 12 meses 12 sellos. Zamora. Zamora

Matasellos de Presentación

Issue date: 7/6/2018

Presentación. Humor Gráfico 2018. Madrid

Matasellos de Presentación

Issue date: 5/6/2018

Camino Portugués. Oficina Postal de Redondela

Matasellos Turístico

Issue date: 28/5/2018

Presentación. Cine. Han Solo. Madrid

Matasellos de Presentación

Issue date: 25/5/2018

Presentación. Museos. Museo Guggenheim Bilbao. Bilbao

Matasellos de Presentación

Issue date: 24/5/2018

Pont de Besalú. Oficina Postal de Banyoles

Matasellos Turístico

Issue date: 16/5/2018

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