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Prepaid cards
arjetas prefranqueadas

They are conventional postcards with an image that is typically related to philatelic or Correos themes. They feature a stamp that is printed, not adhered.

They can be deposited in any Correos postbox as they already include postage.


SALE OF PRE-FRANKED CARDS.- Correos sells these cards while stocks last. To buy them:

   - You can SUBSCRIBE.- This way you can be sure to never miss out. You will receive all issues every three months.

   - You can place ORDERS.-  Via    or    call  902.197.197

 -ONLINE orders, if you have a subscription to a Philately product.-Click on the "Philately Order" button and choose your products from the table shown. 

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Tarjetas prefranqueadas Año 2016

Generación de los 50

Issue date: 20/10/2016

300 Años de Correos en España

Issue date: 14/09/2016

Fauna Protegida

Issue date: 18/07/2016

Europa. Piensa en verde

Issue date: 22/04/2016

Universo Cervantes

Issue date: 29/01/2016

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