Send documents from any device and from anywhere with the same legal validity.


Send documents urgently and securely


Send a digital, ordinary or certified letter


Send digital postcards online


Print out your labels and pay for your deliveries before going to the Post Office

PAQ 48

Delivery in 24/48 hours, depending on point of origin and destination

Certified Letter

Guarantee reception with a signature

Administrative Notifications

Suitable service for legal communications


Urgent Certified Letter

Ideal for:

Internacional Certificado Nacional

Deliveries guaranteeing receipt, signed for by the recipient or authorised person.

CORREOS offers a service for sending important documents: contracts, signed estimates, etc.

  • Geographical Coverage: Nacional (España y Andorra).
  • Weight: Up to 2 kg.
  • Delivery times: 24 hours*.

Sold by

Items posted are tracked and individually identified with a label with barcode stuck to the front.

This product guarantees:

  • Items are delivered and signed for at the address of the recipient. If they cannot be delivered, a notification will be left in the letterbox so they can be collected from the indicated Post Office, where they will be kept for 15 days.
  • Customers can track their posted items free of charge via the website:
  • As required, a series of additional services can be ordered.

Certified items can be sent as URGENT. As well as the above indications, this product also guarantees maximum urgency in the processing of the posted items. 

Physical characteristics:

Maximum dimensions:

  • - Envelope or box: Length + Height + Width = 90 cm, the largest dimension not exceeding 60 cm.
  • - Roll / tube: Length + 2 times diameter = 104 cm, the largest dimension not exceeding 90 cm.

Minimum dimensions:

- Envelope or box: 14 x 9 cm.

- Roll/tube: Length + 2 times diameter = 17 cm, the largest dimension not less than 10 cm.

Deliveries with dimensions that are smaller than the minimum must have an attached 10 x 7 cm label bearing the address and the postage.


- Up to 2 kg.



Add the word “CERTIFICADO URGENTE” (or the appropriate label) in the top left corner on the front of the item


For loss of a parcel: €30.

Delivery times:
Delivery times:

24 hours (for items posted before 16:00 from and to large towns).

* Estimated time for 90% of national shipments (Correos does not compensate for the non-fulfilment of delivery times).

You can consult the  list of current rates, or use this charges calculator. 

Seleccione producto

Apt for the sending of documents and objects of up to 2 kilograms, with recorded delivery to any town or village within national territory, Andorra o Gibraltar.

Product characteristics

Weight (gr.)
 Enter the weight of your item.
 Tick the box if the item is standard: Envelopes: 14x9 cm. and 23,5x12 cm. Cards: 14x9 cm. and 23,5x12 cm. Consult the regulations regarding item format and weight / volume admission criteria.
 Select the origin of your item.
 Select the destination for your item.
Additional services

Declared value
Signing up for this service, your item is insured until it arrives at its destination (enter insurance value).
Management of Single Customs Declaration (DUA) for Exports
Management of Single Customs Declaration (DUA) for Exports
Notice of receipt
Proof of delivery signed by the recipient.
Prueba de entrega electrónica
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