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Correos Sampling

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Bases de Datos Online Captura de Información

Correos Sampling enables you to design a marketing strategy based on the emotion and generation of an experience.

The most comprehensive solution to create an impact among consumers. Correos Sampling helps you progress in a digital ecosystem by sending a sample of your product.

  • Geographical Coverage: Nacional.

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Correos Sampling is the new Correos service that enables you to communicate personally with potential consumers. You can publish your project on the website, select the users who best suit your target audience based on the users tastes, consumption habits or preferences, geographical location, among many other aspects.

Correos Sampling also enables you to retain loyalty with your customers by publishing your discount vouchers. We will publish the promotion for a specific time and with the download limit you set. You set the offer, we’ll publish it.

Correos Sampling is a shop window for your brand, increasing your visibility, engagement and loyalty with your customers. receives a large number of visitors every month and we send notifications to users with new projects. We also have a multitude of comments on social networks and, most importantly, have a huge number of subscribed users, which makes it possible for your business to reach an audience who did not know you before and showcases your new releases to your customers, providing access to special promotions that increase sales.

Correos Sampling is a channel where users and companies are interconnected, seeking collaboration as the companies can receive comments before and after launching their products, communicate new releases and provide customised promotions to users who are interested in those products. Customer behaviour has now changed from passive to proactive agents. Initially, digital and social media was a platform for consumers to provide their opinion and make the brands listen to them, but now collaborative marketing places consumers as the main player. For this reason, Correos proposes a medium through which users can collaborate with brands to help them produce or improve their products, and offer exactly what they want.

Correos offers companies a 360° solution with all the services in the value chain. In other words, suitable segmentation, qualified records, communication support materials and packaging, efficient deliveries and reliable feedback.

Correos Sampling proposes two lines for interacting with users:

Launch your project on the correossampling website. This is the space where your brand can showcase the product to users and invite them to try it. So that you can better select the users, you can set up to four questions which interested users must answer, and you will also have all the available segmentation variables to select the users to impact with the product sample.

If you need it, we can also help you with the picking and packing of your shipments.

Correos will track the shipments of the campaign and monitor the impact on social networks.

You can also conduct a post-campaign survey with those users who have received the product sample, enabling you to receive their opinions on the matters you deem necessary or interesting.


Publish your discount voucher on, attracting customers or leading to a first purchase through very enticing offers, because it is proven that discounts encourage purchases. Depending on your activity, customers will not only discover your service, but may also be tempted by other services you offer which are not subject to the promotion. Finally, it makes your brand more visible. When a coupon catches the attention of a user, they not only initiate a purchase, but it is also likely that they will share the information with their friends. Therefore, it reaches a level of virality which any other means would not achieve.

If you represent a company and would like us to make a personalised offer, request more information.
Correos Sampling
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