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Captura de Información Bases de Datos

We improve your database.

We offer you the best products and services for optimising your campaigns to attract potential customers and improving the effectiveness of your commercial communications.

  • Rates: Varies according to the service provided.

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Correos Add offers you the option of organising unstructured information into an orderly database with reliable addresses, helping you avoid unnecessary costs in your mailing campaign.

To improve the quality of the databases, Correos Add includes four services: 

  • Computerised address standardisation: Automatic processes to standardise addresses and remove duplicates in order to minimise mailing mistakes. 
  • Manual address standardisationManual file processing to standardise addresses when the automated processes can not improve the quality of the data. 
  • Enriched addresses: Adds INE codes and address coordinates to each entry in the customer's files, enabling correct geopositioning of the entry for the mailing. 
  • Customised information capture: the Post Office has a network of over 20,000 postmen and women who deliver in their area every day. This enables us to capture information both actively and passively.



To improve the quality of databases, Correos Add uses four processes:

1. Standardisation of addresses: These are automatic processes to standardise addresses and remove duplicates in order to minimise mailing mistakes. The automatic standardisation of entries enables us to standardise:

  • Address names: standardising towns, cities and roads, as well as adding essential geographical statistics that facilitates the processes of identifying duplicates.
  • Postcodes: assigning or correcting the postcode for the standardised address.
  • Place names: assigning or correcting the official name of the place where the standardised address is located.

Meanwhile, the removal of duplicates entails finding them in a database and using grouping processes to consolidate the information in the file.

Before running a standardisation process, the file to be standardised must be diagnosed, producing statistics showing  the potential for standardisation and enrichment of each file. This also provides a benchmark for the quality of the resulting data after a correction or enrichment process. 

2. Manual address standardisation: Manual file processing to standardise addresses in customer files when the automated processes can not improve the quality of the data.

3. Enriched addresses:

  • Assigning the census section.
  • Assigning the INE codes for towns and streets.
  • Assigning the geographical coordinates.

4. Dynamic lead capture:

Attract potential customers with a landing page.

Correos offers the option of creating a Landing Page which enables you to capture and generate leads which can become potential customers.

Leads are usually offered an incentive, such as competitions, discount coupons, product samples or sales visits.

After the customer accesses the web page via a QR code, BIDI or link, their expectations, as generated by the advertising, must be met in order to capture the desired leads.

The most important factor is to motivate visitors to fill in the form, so the information on the landing page must be clear and of a good quality. Once users have filled in the form, they will be sent an email thanking them, and the information gathered will be recorded in a file so you can start interacting with them.

The sales manager collects the information the client has requested, and Correos Directo analyses the request. A commercial proposal is created for presentation to the client.
Once the interested party has accepted the proposal, the time to delivery will vary depending on the complexity of the job:
  • Low complexity: 2 days.
  • Medium complexity: 3 days.
  • High complexity: 5 days.
Scope: National and International.
Delivery times:  The information will be delivered in a maximum of 5 days.

The charge (before tax) will depend on the service provided and the volume of registrations to be processed. For files with fewer than 5,000 registrations:

  • Computerised address standardisation: €0.02 / registration*.
  • Manual address standardisation: €0.25 / registration*.
  • Enriched addresses: €0.01 / registration*.
  • Customised data capture: market prices.
Mainland Spain and Balearic Islands
21% VAT
Canary Islands
7% Canary Islands IGIC tax
Ceuta and Melilla
9% IPSI tax in Ceuta and 4% in Melilla


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