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B2C Nacional B2B

We offer quality contacts for your campaigns with a more precise target audience.

We let you rent a database with quality information about potential customers, so that you can develop quality direct marketing campaigns with more efficiency.

  • Geographical Coverage: Nacional e Internacional
  • Rates: The charge (before tax) will vary, depending on whether you select the company and professional database or if you wish to communicate with end users. See charges tab.

Sold by

Our goal is to offer the quality contacts your communications need, as well as providing suitable techniques for selecting your target group for all media, postal mailing, emailing, telemarketing and text messaging.

The success of a good campaign is not just down to having a good message, content or design - it has to reach the right audience, so precise information is vital.

You can decide what medium would be most efficient for your campaign and choose whether to make contact by direct mailing, telemarketing or emailing.

  • Business to Business (B2B) databases: facilitates companies, self-employed and professional people, according to the client profile needed for national or international campaigns.
  • Business to Consumer (B2C) databases: provides the possibility of selecting end users we are targeting with a maximum guarantee of delivery.
  • Authorised databases (Permission Marketing): Personalised contact with consumers or companies that are most suitable for your business.
  • Postcode databases: a database produced and facilitated by Correos that provides relevant information relating to postcodes and official city and town organisations throughout the country. This product provides a street map of those places with various post codes.



Correos Data offers various types of databases according to your target population and the type of campaign you wish to undertake.

1. Business to Business (B2B) databases: Offers contact with companies, self-employed and professional people from 10 different countries, allowing you to select those businesses that best represent your chosen target population, through segmentation variables and specific indicators that facilitate selection.


2. Business to Consumer (B2C) databases: The value of this database is the possibility of knowing the behaviour or structure of Spanish households in order to select the profile of the end consumers you want to reach, anonymously but with maximum guarantees.

The success of a communication to private individuals depends on reaching the consumers who are really interested, with a message transmitting personalisation, which engages the consumer with promotional strategies.

4. Authorised databases (Permission Marketing): personalised contact with suitable individuals for your business, helping you to establish a trust relationship and increase your sales, by offering them products and services that are relevant to them.


4. Postcode databases and their corresponding cartographic overlay. These databases are produced and updated by Correos. They are the only official databases on the market that compile all Spain's postcodes and their relation with city and town organisations throughout the country.

There are three differentiated products:

  • Postcode databases
  • Postcode Plus databases
  • Postcode Cartographic Overlay

This will allow you to analyse the market with your postcode data, optimising your sales or distribution and therefore improving your business results. 

It is especially useful as a tool for correcting and standardising client databases for direct marketing campaigns, helping to avoid a high percentage of returns.

The initial contract period is for one year. After that time, you can continue renewing the contract annually. There are two options for contracting this service:

  • With updates: A key provides the client with access to updated information for 1 year (with the right to four updates).
  • Without updates: The client receives an access key so that, for one month after signing the contract, they can access the version of the postcode database that was current at the time of the contract.

The postcode database usage rights acquired by the client can not be ceded, relicensed or transferred to another company or person. This database can not be used on the Internet if the application in which it is integrated is a postcode search engine similar to the one on the Correos website.



If you are interested, contact your local provincial commercial services.


The charge (before tax) will vary, depending on whether you select the company and professional database or if you wish to communicate with end users.

  • B2B Market register provision: €0.10 / register*.
  • B2C Market register provision: € 0.04 / register*.


The charges and means of payment for postcode databases in each case is as follows:

  • Basic postcode database without updates: €687.44.
  • Basic postcode database with updates: €845.00.
  • Postcode Plus Database without updates: €2,000.00 
  • Postcode Plus Database without updates: €2,800.00 
  • Postcode Cartographic Overlay without updates: €5,000.00
  • Postcode Cartographic Overlay with updates: €7,000.00

*Prices before tax


Mainland Spain and Balearic Islands
21% VAT
Canary Islands
7% Canary Islands IGIC tax
Ceuta and Melilla
9% IPSI tax in Ceuta and 4% in Melilla


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