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Segmentación Público Objetivo

We select the most suitable target audience for each client and action.

We offer you the best products and services for optimising your campaigns to attract potential customers and improving the effectiveness of your commercial communications.

  • Rates: Varies according to the service provided.

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The application of market analysis techniques enables us to maximise the efficiency of our clients' commercial communications, improving loyalty ratios or increasing sales.

Correos will maximise the returns on your marketing operations, offering a complete catalogue of variables which are updated with specific indicators enabling our team of expert analysts to maximise quality and reliability.

  • Information processing and segmentation techniques: This involves analysing segmentation criteria that allow optimal selection of target registers to further optimise the campaign.
  • Geomarketing: We will help you to discover where your customers are located and to identify potential markets for your direct-marketing communications and campaigns.
  • Data-quality analysis: We analyse your database with the aim of strengthening it with valuable information that allows optimal decision-making.

There are three services available for maximising campigns' effectiveness: 

1. Information processing and segmentation techniques: This enables the selection of registers that best represent the chosen target population through the analysis of variables, whether the action is aimed at end users or companies. 

Correos has a wide variety of high-quality market information for businesses (B2B) and individual consumers (B2C), making it possible to optimally identify the most profitable target population. It also has a complete catalogue of variables which are updated with specific indicators for maximum quality and reliability. Segmentation lets you maximise the efficiency of your marketing, improving loyalty ratios, increasing sales and attracting customers to your premises. 

2. Geomarketing: This allows you to pinpoint the exact location of your customers, sales points, branches, competition, etc. on a map. Applying geomarketing techniques allows us to make decisions, identify and instil customer loyalty in our potential market with precision and efficiency. 

In general, geomarketing provides companies with various advantages, such as:

  • Optimisation of marketing investment. 
  • A better understanding of markets and the ability to focus efforts on certain market segments. 
  • Designing sales areas and marketing routes. Identifying points of sale. 
  • Determining the area of influence in order to define the population covered. Analysing the potential market. 

3. Data-quality analysis: This is a quality audit of the information available in your databases, with the aim of offering a service that eliminates deficiencies, maximises your performance and therefore helps in decision-making. 

The solution for: 

  • Increasing the precision of direct marketing campaigns. 
  • Building loyalty in existing customers. 
  • Locating potential customers and users in a given area.
  • Identifying your potential market in a given area.


The price of this produce will be set in accordance with the complexity of the analysis.

The charge (before tax) for each type of analysis is: €100.00 per hour of analysis


Mainland Spain and Balearic Islands
21% VAT
Canary Islands
7% Canary Islands IGIC tax
Ceuta and Melilla
9% IPSI tax in Ceuta and 4% in Melilla


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