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Publicorreo Premium

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Envío de publicidad Flexible Nacional

More creative postal items with more freedom in the format.

Creative and impactful advertising mailings for contract clients, which, due to their special design features, need more flexibility in format, colour and weight.

  • Geographical Coverage: Spain and Andorra.
  • Size: Maximum L+H+W = 90cm.
  • Weight: Maximum 2 kg.
  • Delivery times: 2 - 4 working days (in 90% of cases).

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Advertising mailings for contract clients that require more flexibility in format, colour and weight due to the special characteristics of their message. Ideal for posting samples, invitations and special promotional gifts.


- Zone A: Items posted to a local destination, provincial capitals, places with a General Post Office and towns with over 50,000 inhabitants specified by the Post Office. Anexo B - Poblaciones.  

- Zone B: other destinations.


 Delivery  throughout Spain in 4 working days (for 90% of posted items).

* For items posted before 16:00 in offices which open in the afternoon, or 14:30 in offices opening only in the morning.


Maximum weight per item:2 kg.


  • Maximum dimensions: In envelopes, L + H + W = 90 cm., the largest dimension not exceeding 60 cm. In rolls, L + 2D = 104 cm., the largest dimension not exceeding 90 cm.
  • Minimum dimensions: 9 x 14 cm.
  • Important:Items with dimensions smaller than the minimum can be posted. In this case they must bear a 10 x 7 cm. label showing the address and postage.


These items can be presented in an unsealed or sealed envelope. Unsealed envelopes must have a flap allowing their content to be checked on reception.

The cover of the item must bear the words "PUBLICORREO PREMIUM".

The packaging must ensure the integrity of the content.


- These mailings are accepted at the stated Post Offices and mass reception centres.

- Each shipment must contain a minimum of 50 posted items, with a similar message, although the name, address and any identification number or code assigned to the recipients may be different in each case.

- They will be posted as standard post.

Product characteristics

Weight (gr.)
 Enter the weight of your item.
 Select shipping region.
Zona A: Destino local, capitales de provincia y poblaciones de más de 50.000 habitantes.
Zone B: Other destinations and the Canary Islands, different island
 Destinos aplicados a la zona seleccionada
Number of items in shipment 
 Enter the number of parcels to be sent.
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Informacion de devoluciones (Con informacion motivo). (Por envío)
Con información sobre el motivo de la devolución (por envío)
Informacion de devoluciones (Sin informacion motivo). (Por envío)
Sin información sobre el motivo de la devolución (por envío)
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