Send documents from any device and from anywhere with the same legal validity.


Send documents urgently and securely


Send a digital, ordinary or certified letter


Send digital postcards online


Print out your labels and pay for your deliveries before going to the Post Office

PAQ 48

Delivery in 24/48 hours, depending on point of origin and destination

Certified Letter

Guarantee reception with a signature

Administrative Notifications

Suitable service for legal communications


Western Union

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Envío de dinero Internacional

Send money in minutes.

Send money in minutes by electronic transfer to more than 190 countries.

  • Geographical Coverage: Internacional.
  • Delivery times: In minutes.

Sold by

Send money in minutes by electronic transfer to more than 190 countries.

The order can be picked up in different types of offices depending on the destination country (Post Offices, travel agencies, police stations, etc.).

DIRECT TO BANK. With this service clients can transfer money directly to a bank account in 53 countries throughout the world*, including Romania, Morocco, the United States, India and the Philippines.
Direct to Bank has the following advantages:
  • Ease: the recipient doesn’t need to travel to collect the delivery from an agency.
  • Speed: the money is normally deposited into the account within one working day, sometimes it will only take a few minutes**.
  • Reliability: the Western Union service.

Delivery times: Immediate.


Type of delivery: 

The money is available minutes after being paid over the counter and remains in the system for payment to the recipient for about 90 days. 



Amounts paid in giros:

The limit in Spain per transfer (delivery or payment) is 3,000.00 euros per person per day, both for the sender and the beneficiary. 




  • Electronic transfer to the chosen destination.

  • The delivery of the money varies depending on the destination, which could be: Post Offices, travel agencies, police stations, etc.

  • The payment is made only when the correct identification is presented and the person knows the details of the transfer.

You can consult the  general charges in force, or use this charges calculator:
Seleccione producto

The free Registered post Identification service allows the enumeration and identification of the registered post which make up a list of shipments and their respective addressees. To do this, this service generates the lists of shipments and the barcodes which identify each one in agreement with the admission requirements of the Post Offices. The online Correos gives you the possibility to print these codes on envelopes or tickets.

Product characteristics

 Introduzca el importe de su envío.
 Select the origin of your item.
 Select the destination for your item.


Ver ofertas especiales para países desde determinadas provincias

Additional services

Home delivery service
Home delivery service (in countries where this service is offered).
Home-delivery to Ecuador
Home-delivery to Ecuador
Home-delivery to Philippines
Home-delivery to Philippines
Message in shipment
Enter the number of words (include 10 words free).
Notification of arrival
Notification to the recipient of the arrival of the money order.
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Western Union
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