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CORREOS understands the exceptional value of the tourism sector and, for this reason, it has developed a business line in which the main product is international stamps and other CORREOS merchandising products

    Correos, through its Tourist Channel, has postboxes distributed in establishments in many Spanish cities, making it easy to send letters and postcards anywhere in the world.

    Correos guarantees the letters and postcards will arrive at their destination, whether in Spain or abroad, as long as they have a Correos stamp affixed to them.

    Postal stamps must meet the following requirements:

    1. Indicate the country of issue: Spain
    2. Indicate the issuing institution: Correos
    3. The letter “Ñ” appears in the lower right corner of the stamp
    4. The imprint certifies it was printed by the FNMT
    5. Price of the stamp in € or a letter showing the postage rate
    6. Size: 40.9 x 28.8 mm / 24.5 x 35 mm
    7. A phosphorescent watermark on the paper or in the printing inks

    The stamps are valid anywhere in Spain, subject to Correos’ domestic postage rates.  

    Postage price: this may be numerical in euros or take the form of a letter, with four rates (A, A2, B and C) according to the destination:

    • A rate: For a standard letter or postcard within Spain, up to 20 g.
    • A2 rate: For a non-standard letter or postcard within Spain, up to 50 g.
    • B rate: Standard Ordinary International letter or postcard addressed to Europe (including Greenland), up to 20 g.
    • C rate: Standard Ordinary International letter or postcard addressed to the rest of the world, up to 20 g.

    For more details on postage rates,

    Consult the  current general price list

    This activity is delegated to TOUR OPERATORS, companies with excellent knowledge of the tourism sector, and with the technical and organisational ability to administer this service at an optimal level.

    CORREOS supplies the OPERATOR with official stamps which have an overall theme promoting the Spanish tourism sector. This promotion and sales activity carried out by the OPERATOR is always supported by CORREOS, which creates special postboxes designed to cover the different needs of the sector. These postboxes are placed in the establishments, as with the brochures, bags and other types of products.

    CORREOS, along with the activity of its tour operators, guarantees delivery in the destination countries. This quality of service reinforces the image of Marca España, the Spanish brand. The United Kingdom, Germany and France are the biggest sources of tourists visiting Spain.

    To consult the list of Tour Operators working with CORREOS, click on the link below.

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