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Return deliveries safe and sound, without it costing your customers a penny.

Paq Retorno CONTRACT

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Even greater assurance for your most important documents and goods.

Cash On Delivery (Paq Retorno)

For customers with contracts.

Ask for your customers to receive the money for their returns through cash on delivery organised by Correos, so there is no cost for them. The maximum amount is €1,000.

Enter the delivery ID code if it is one previously delivered by Correos. If it was an independent delivery, enter the necessary details.
Enter all the recipients you want to send the parcels to and say whether you want to include any additional services. Also choose whether you want Correos to provide the delivery packaging and we will charge it to your contract.
Pay by card, PayPal, at one of our branches or via a contract with Correos.
Print the labels and send them to your customer. They can also be collected at any of our branches by providing the delivery code.

Product information


Returns are an inevitable part of doing business. The Paq Retorno is the perfect option for companies that want to control their returns and make sure their customers need not worry about this process:

  • More convenient: contract returns packaging from Correos and your customers only need to worry about dropping the parcel off at one of our branches.
  • Completely secure: delivery requires a signature from the recipient and you decide the deadline after which returns are no longer accepted.
  • Peace of mind: your delivery tracked at all times via our tracking system. Furthermore, if you are a Contract Client, you can take out fully comprehensive insurance.
  • Local: for nationwide deliveries and Andorra.

Delivery details

You choose your perfect packaging. Of course, the size must fit these measurements:


  • Box: Length + Height + Width = 240 cm, with no measurement being more than 120 cm.
  • Roll or tube: Length = 120 cm and Diameter = 30 cm.


  • Box: 10 x 14.5 cm.
  • Roll or tube: Length + twice the diameter = 17 cm, with no measurement being less than 10 cm.

And it should weigh no more than 40 kg!

Guarantees and delivery periods

The guarantees are the same as the initial delivery, except for the delivery deadline.
National parcel service terms and conditions Paq Retorno Delivery Deadlines


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