Nexo multi-channel platform

A single platform for all your communications.

Product information


The Nexo multi-channel platform is the ideal choice for businesses that want to manage all their communications uniformly and in the same place. Hard copy and electronic documents can be created via integration in an omnichannel management system:

  • Multi-user, multi-product management.
  • Website integration.
  • Multi-profiles for users and administrators.
  • Traceability of all content created.
  • Cost control.
  • Made-to-measure template designs.
  • Customised to each customer.
  • Capacity to create work flows.

Using this service you can also manage both hard copy deliveries of transaction correspondence with your customers and your electronic mailings: 

  • Standard Letters and notifications: printing, envelopes and delivery to the postal operator for distribution.
  • Registered fax: send your most important documents so they arrive securely and with signed proof of delivery.
  • SMS: send short, concise, interesting information.
  • Verified SMS: with evidential value to third parties.
  • Email: send internal communications or advertising campaigns.
  • Verified email: send communications that need verified delivery with a trusted third party.
  • Electronically sign contracts: using OTP or a qualified signature.
  • Other services: website publications, landing page creation, digital archiving, etc.


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