Nexo multi-channel platform

A new tool for the comprehensive control of your digital communications.

Nexo multi-channel platform REQUEST INFO

What is Nexo?

How to sign up for Correos Nexo?

Signing up for Nexo is very easy. 

All you have to do is fill out this form so we can help you with your digital communication needs.

Once we receive it, our team of consultants will study your form to contact you and give you an offer with a fully customised solution. 



Why Nexo?

With Nexo you will be able to manage your digital communications in a simple and much more comfortable way.

With a single tool that can be integrated into your IT systems, you can manage, edit, sort, store and sign all your documentation that must be legally validated.

This way, you will save time and resources with a secure solution and with all the guarantees for the legal validity of the processing and signing of your digital documents.