Paq Frío

You don’t need to own a warehouse or order wholesale goods deliveries! If you need to send a one-off delivery without breaking the cold chain, Correos has the answer.


Additional services

Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD)

Digital recorded delivery receipt.

Declared value

Applicable to each shipment and calculated as a percentage of the value of the goods. 

Cash On Delivery

Receive payment for your shipments in a safe, simple, reliable way. At Correos, we reimburse you the amount paid by the recipient, which appears on the item.

Delivery to recipient only

The shipment can only be delivered to the intended recipient, and always after they have provided proof of identity. Delivery to entities, companies or third parties is not permitted, even with signed authorisation. There is the option to include two recipients.

How to send a delivery

Describe your deliveries and register the recipients to whom you want to send the packages. 
Choose the insulated shipping boxes  that best suit your needs. 
Select the temperature range necessary for the transport of the products.
Please let us know the place and date of collection.
You’re almost finished! All that is left is  the payment.
We will contact you to  arrange the time to collect  your goods. 

Product information

What is Correos Frío?

Correos Frío is the new service we have designed for distributing your deliveries at a controlled temperature. We aim to offer you the best possible service. We’ll help you ensure that your urgent deliveries, and items requiring special conditions to keep them fresh, always meet your customers’ expectations.

Insulated box formats

We offer three formats of insulated shipping box with different sizes to adapt to your needs as much as possible:

Small insulated shipping box:

  • Exterior measurements (cm): 36 x 36 x 37
  • Interior measurements (cm): 16 x 16 x 16
  • Internal volume: 4.57 L
  • Weight (kg): 8.5
  • Available weight for entering your product (kg): 31.5

Medium insulated shipping box:

  • Exterior measurements (cm): 42 x 43 x 43
  • Interior measurements (cm): 22 x 22 x 22
  • Internal volume: 11.69 L
  • Weight (kg): 13.4
  • Available weight for entering your product (kg): 26.6

Large insulated shipping box:

  • Exterior measurements (cm): 47 x 47 x 48
  • Interior measurements (cm): 28 x 28 x 28
  • Internal volume: 22.18 L
  • Weight (kg): 17.9
  • Available weight for entering your product (kg): 22.1

Important! Remember that whatever its size, a shipment cannot exceed 40 kg in real weight (box + contents).

Paq Frío Pick-up and Delivery Service Information

  • Paq Frío Pick-up Services (mainland Spain and Balearic Islands):

During the contracting process, once you inform us of the collection address, a calendar will be displayed in which you can select the date on which you would like us to make the collection.

On the day of collection, Correos will contact you by phone to arrange a collection time at the address provided as the return address.

The collection service is carried out from Monday to Friday, no collection is carried out on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays** (**applies according to the holiday calendar of the sender’s location).

  • Paq Frío Delivery Service (mainland Spain and Balearic Islands):  

    • The delivery service to the recipients is carried out from Monday to Friday, no deliveries are made on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
    • From the moment of pick-up at the sender’s address, delivery is carried out within 24/48 hrs depending on the origin / destination.
    • For deliveries to the Balearic Islands, the delivery time will be increased by an additional 24 hrs.
    • It is important to note that orders picked up on Friday may not be delivered until the following Monday or Tuesday depending on the origin/destination.
    • Delivery will be made to the address indicated as the recipient during morning or afternoon hours (provided that the postcode established as the recipient’s has an afternoon delivery service available) 
*Orders are prepared in Madrid. The Madrid holiday calendar will be taken into account when calculating times.


Guarantees and delivery periods

If your shipment suffers an incident arriving at its destination, Correos will compensate you. If you would like the compensation to be paid to the recipient, you must provide signed authorisation.

We know that you trust us and this is our way of thanking you:

National Guarantees:

For delay:

  • Period for presenting an incident or claim: minimum 3 days and maximum 21 days, from the delivery date of the shipment.
  • Compensation: the charge paid is refunded.
  • Terms and Conditions: delivery times will only be met if reception is before 16:00. If not, the period will increase by 1 day.
For damage:
  • Deadline for lodging an incident or claim: within 7 calendar days of delivery.
  • Compensation: €6.67 per kg invoiced (€6.43 per kg invoiced for shipments received in 2022).
  • If you are a customer without a contract, the minimum compensation for Paq Frío is €40. In other words, if the calculated compensation is less than €40, you will still receive this amount. 
  • For this type of incident, an expert opinion will determine the amount to be paid for the damage.
  • Please do not forget the documentation you must provide when making any type of claim. We will ask you for photos of the packaging and the damaged contents to confirm the damage.
  • If claiming for a damaged shipment or missing content, with Insurance or Declared Value, we may ask for documentation accrediting the value of the goods, or invoices for repair or replacement.
For loss:
  • Deadlines in which to register an incident or claim: minimum 3 days and maximum 1 year, from the reception date of the shipment.
  • Compensation: €6.67 per kg invoiced (€6.43 per kg invoiced for shipments received in 2022) plus reimbursement of the rate. 
  • The minimum compensation is €40, only for Paquete Premium and customers without a contract. 
  • If the shipment has a Declared Value or Comprehensive Insurance, with a maximum coverage of €6,000, the compensation will consist of reimbursement of the delivery price plus the Declared Value or Insurance. 
  • The shipments regulated by the LCTTM (Law on Contracting Land Transport of Goods) have insurance associated so, in the event of a claim, the lowest of the following amounts will be paid:
    • For the declared value.
    • For replacement of the lost object.
    • For repair of the damaged object.
  • Documents to provide: if claiming for a lost or damaged shipment or missing content, with Insurance or Declared Value, we may ask for documentation accrediting the value of the goods, or invoices for repair or replacement.

And of course we will deliver your shipment as quickly as we can.


National Package Service Terms and Conditions
Paq Frío Specific Service Conditions
Mi Oficina Data Protection Policy


Check available rates for Paq frío 
Paq Frío rates

You should know

Frequently asked questions

I need to send a one-off delivery via Correos Frío. Can I contract the service on the website?

You can arrange your delivery by selecting the option “Paq Frío” and clicking on “SEND A DELIVERY”, then following the next 4 steps and finalising the payment process to confirm the contracted service.

I have contracted a Paq Frío delivery on the website. When will Correos contact me and collect my product?

When you contract the service, you will receive an email with all the details of your order.  Correos will already be preparing the insulated shipping box with the temperature range you need, as you have specified. When it is ready we will contact you as soon as possible via the phone number you have provided to set a date and time to collect the product from your home or warehouse.

Can I change the home address where the item must be collected after having contracted the service?

 Sorry, but no! At present we can’t change the collection address after you have contracted the service.

When Correos comes to collect the product, how should I prepare it?

We will come to your home with everything we need to keep your product at the ideal temperature. For this type of temperature-controlled transport, it is also important that the product you need to transport is prepacked in the temperature range in which the transport is to be carried out.

Please make sure your package will fit into the type of Correos box you have selected.

Once Correos collects the product from my home, how long will it take to reach the recipient?

We undertake to deliver within 24-48 hours, depending on the point of origin and the destination, for the first delivery attempt in mainland Spain.

If the recipient is not at home, will Correos leave them a delivery notice so they can pick it up at a Correos Post Office?

Sorry, but that option is not available. In order to guarantee the cold chain is fully maintained, Correos Frío deliveries can only be delivered to the recipient's address. The recipient will never be asked to collect them from a Correos Post Office.

The service includes 2 delivery attempts. If the product cannot be delivered to the recipient, it will be returned to the sender.


How can I know if my product arrived in good condition?

We monitor all Correos Frío deliveries for changes in temperature and humidity, impacts and opening. At the time of delivery, our delivery personnel will show the recipient the datalogger included in the box, which shows if there have been any temperature alerts since the product was collected.

I often have to use the Paq Frío service. Can I sign a contract with Correos for this type of delivery?

Of course! Please fill in the information request form, and one of our advisers will contact you to find out more about your needs and give you a personalised proposal which will meet your expectations. 

How do I package my parcel properly?

Choose the right insulated shipping box for your shipment, with the correct size and capable of supporting the weight it contains.

You must make sure that the goods do not get knocked about, making sure that they are tightly packed inside. All you need to do is put your product in a box or bag that does not allow the product to move around inside the insulated shipping box, and make sure that it fits inside the insulated shipping box you have chosen.

In addition, you can also place your package in the bag that our delivery man or woman will give you in order to store it safely inside the isothermal box in which your product will be kept.