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Buying products from Spanish companies has never been so easy Correos Market is the marketplace from Correos that promotes the sale of products and offers a channel for promoting, marketing and raising the visibility of Spanish companies. SEE PRODUCTS
Correos Market SEE PRODUCTS


Everything you need

Products sold by Spanish companies

Shipping costs included

On purchases over 20 euros.

Group your purchases

Possibility of buying from different vendors in a single order

Product information

Admissions criteria

In Correos we reserve the right to audit, veto or cease commercial activity in Correos Market with any advertiser, producer or creator that does not fulfil the necessary requirements to maintain the standards of the quality seal:

  • The products in Correos Market were manufactured, created or processed in Spain.
  • The current health (food, drink and cosmetics) and work regulations (in each and every category) are fulfilled.
  • The quality of parts, materials and other elements used to create, produce or process products is closely monitored.
  • In artisan processes, the artistic value of the products created and the production processes are protected and developed.
  • Creative techniques and production processes are developed under the supervision of Correos Market Quality.
  • The use of natural materials with guaranteed designation of origin is encouraged.
  • All producers, creators and distributors must be authorised natural or legal persons and they must be affiliated to their own economic activity.
  • The responsible and sustainable use of resources is encouraged, as well as social responsibility in activities.


Order deliveries will take place from Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays), throughout Spain with the Correos Paq Premium service. The maximum period for the first delivery attempt for standard delivery is between 24 and 48 working hours (not including Saturdays), depending on the delivery destination.

Correos reserves the right to modify the agreed collection and delivery times according to our organisational needs.

You can choose to receive your delivery at home, in a Correos Post Office or in a CityPaq. If the characteristics of a product makes delivery in any form impossible, this must be specified in the product description. Correos guarantees signed-for delivery at the stated address:

  • At home: You will receive your order at home and we will notify you of the delivery via SMS or email. You must provide your address and are responsible for the accuracy of the details provided. This service has two delivery attempts, such that if delivery is not possible due to the size or weight of the package or the type of dwelling, it will be delivered to the front door or to the nearest Correos Post Office after arranging with you. Once in the Post Office you will have 15 days to collect it.
  • In Correos Post Offices You can collect your order in the Post Ofice of your choice for 15 days after receiving an SMS or email delivery notification.

Remember that we can only ensure the SMS or email notifications if you accept the following conditions:

  • Delivery hours are from 9:00 to 21:00 from Monday to Friday and from 9:00 to 14:00 on Saturdays.
  • You expressly recognise that the Correos SMS and email notification sent within certain agreed hours and days does not guarantee that they will be received within those times. Therefore, under no circumstances can Correos be held responsible for receipt.
  • You expressly state and assure that Correos has your unequivocal consent to use your contact details for the purpose of sending you delivery notifications for your order.

You will also be provided with information on the status of your deliveries via our parcel tracker.

The second delivery attempt will be the day after the first attempt for major destinations, and with an additional day for deliveries to locations with fewer than 10,000 inhabitants.

Prices and payment methods

Prices of products are shown with VAT included. Any applicable price increases or discounts and additional costs will also be added. In this way, you will see the final price of the product before adding it to your basket, since you will not need to pay delivery costs.

Payment by filling out the payment form implies agreement with the price and the conditions of sale in place at that time, which cannot be modified without express agreement of both parties.

Payment can be made with debit or credit cards or PayPal, and the charge that appears on your bank statement will be in the name of Correos. Remember that occasionally there can be delays of up to 60 days in payment operations.

In the case they you want a purchase invoice, Correos will process your request and we will notify the seller so that they can issue it on time.

If the item you bought is not in stock, you will be informed immediately and the amount that you paid will be returned to you.

Once the payment has been authorised on a credit or debit card, the bank will retain the total amount of the order until the seller accepts the payment. In case of cancellation for any reason, the bank will not make the transfer and it will release the corresponding amount into your account. This process can take 3 to 5 days, which means that neither Correos nor the seller are responsible for a possible delay in the bank releasing the money into your account.


Every product is accompanied by a description of its basic characteristics so that you will know the details before purchase:

  • Add the products and the quantity that you want to your basket, even if they are from different sellers. To purchase them you will need to log in to your account, register or purchase as guest.
  • Give your details accurately to avoid confusion or problems with the delivery, and tick the box to accept the inclusion of your details in our database with the purpose of processing your purchase and facilitating delivery.
  • Confirm the order and make the payment via credit or debit card or via PayPal. The payment will be made online via the corresponding payment gateway once the details have been confirmed. Once the transaction is confirmed, we will send an email to the address provided within 24 hours, informing if the order has been confirmed. You will be charged according to the payment method agreed upon purchase. If the order is confirmed, you will receive another email with the product description and the order number, which guarantees that the purchase has been correctly processed. If you do not receive this email, there may have been a network error or a mistake in the email address provided. In both cases, we advise you to contact
  • If you already have an account, the order will be saved in your profile so that you can access it whenever needed with the username and password provided upon registration. If you are not registered, no problem. We will send you the reference number of your order to the email provided during purchase so that you can track it at any time.

Correos informs all sellers of the products you have purchased, given that our marketplace allows users to purchase products from different sellers in the same order.

The seller is responsible if they cancel an order. Therefore they must undertake to keep the stock levels of the products they advertise on Correos Market up-to-date.

Thus, the seller is responsible for managing the products that have been purchased using the delivery label that they will process in their management area.


In accordance with current legislation, you cannot return certain items:

  • Perishable food items.
  • Sealed products that have been opened upon delivery that cannot be returned for hygiene reasons.

The seller must accept the obligations established in consumer rights legislation, offering you the possibility to desist with the contract by returning products within a period of 14 days. If you return the product without its original packaging, the reimbursement may be lower than the price you paid upon purchasing the product.

The return period ends 14 days after the day of order delivery. In the case that you purchased several products in one order and they are delivered separately, the return period begins on the day that the final product is delivered.

To request the return of the product, you must contact the seller via the contact details on the product sheet. Thus, the seller is responsible for managing the return and for informing you of the consequences.

If the seller did not receive payment for the purchase that you are returning from Correos, Correos will reimburse the amount paid for the product. 


Litigations will be resolved between the client and the seller. Attempts must be made to reach an amicable solution by all means. If required, the product will be resent or refunded.

If the seller and the client have the status of business and consumer in accordance with the Regulation (EU) 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 May 2013, you may submit your claim to theonline platform for out-of-court settlement provided by the European Commission.


Corroes will not be held responsible for:

  • The customer's breach of any applicable rules when accessing Correos Market or in the use of information on the website.
  • The illegitimate use of third parties acting as the brands of the products that appear in Correos Market.
  • The use of information provided by sellers.
  • Actions and failures of third party service providers, regardless of their contractual link with Correos.
  • Service interruptions due to errors caused by access providers, possible faults in the network, or problems with the computer system, connection or browsing software, telephone connection, ADSL, cable, satellite or any other communications infrastructure.
  • Changes caused by voluntary or involuntary interference due to misuse: viruses, server crashes, file deletion, damage to the database, fire, explosions, floods, violent actions of third parties, electrical issues (excess or lack of power), or anything that affects the function of servers and the information stored in them.
  • Customer server crashes due to excessive use or misuse, external attacks, hardware or software failures and similar issues.
  • Errors caused by the problems with the server.
  • Failure to communicate a change of e-mail address to Correos The seller will be responsible for providing this information in good time to avoid committing negligence.
  • Circumstances beyond the control of Correos, including the accidental loss of information, deterioration of the seller’s terminal equipment through misuse, as well as errors or defects in the customer's configuration and similar issues.
  • Damages of any kind that the seller or third parties may suffer, caused by errors, disconnection of telecommunication networks or causes attributable to third-party service providers.
  • Any incidents caused by products advertised in Correos Market, which are the seller’s full responsibility.
  • Delay or failure to meet delivery times for reasons beyond the control of Correos. This provision does not affect the rights of the customer to receive their order in the estimated delivery time, or the corresponding refund in the event that the seller could not provide the order in the agreed period. Thus, the responsibility corresponds exclusively to the seller.
  • No seller discounts, actions, products and content.

How to make a purchase in Correos Market

Select any product from our local producers with a Quality Seal. 
Add the products that you want to your basket by logging into your account, registering as a new user or shopping as a guest.
You can purchase products from different sellers in the same order. 
Confirm your order and make the payment by credit or debit card or with PayPal. 

Frequently asked questions

How can I buy on Correos Market?

Just like on any other e-shop, as a registered user or guest. Choose the products you want and add them to your shopping basket.

Can I buy from different producers?

Yes. You can select items from different producers in the same order, regardless of their geographic area of origin. You will receive information on the status of the various deliveries associated with your purchase.

How can I pay on Correos Market?

You can pay on the platform with:

  • Debit or credit card.
  • PayPal.

Where will my order be delivered?

You can receive your purchase wherever you want for the same price:

  • Correos branch.
  • CityPaq.
  • At your home address.

Can I place orders from anywhere in Spain?

Yes. Remember that if you are buying from the Canary Islands, Ceuta or Melilla, you may need to pay additional costs when placing an order for taxes and customs procedures.

How long will my order take to arrive?

No more than 2 days from when the vendor prepares your order for delivery.

How long will it be between placing an order and receiving my purchase?

From when you place an order, the vendor has 48 hours to prepare it for delivery.

How can I lodge a complaint or return an order?

Complaints and returns related to the order must be processed with the vendor directly.

Any questions? Let us know!

  • 915 197 197. Monday to Friday (except public holidays) from 10:00 to 18:00.
  • Send us a message and we will reply within 24 hours