Waiting is a matter for parcels, now they are waiting for you Citypaq is the quick, easy solution from Correos for collecting, sending or returning your parcels using our smart lockers. You can find them near your home, work or busy places like supermarkets, petrol stations and shopping centres. Your online purchases when and where you want them.
Send, receive and return parcels: whenever and wherever you want. No fixed opening times or complications.
Pick them up when convenient: your parcels will wait for you until you can go and pick them up.
Anywhere: and even if you’re not there. Check the status of your packages at your Citypaq locker.

Correos smart lockers everywhere

We know that you cannot always be there at the time and place for delivery of the shipment. Located all over the city, Citypaq lockers are available at any hour of the day, no order is a problem.

Available in many online shops

More and more businesses are offering the Citypaq option as a collection point for receiving anywhere in the country. All you have to do is choose your nearest Citypaq locker and wait for the alert that your parcel is ready for collection.

Send, receive and return whenever you want

You can send your own parcels conveniently and easily at any Citypaq locker, without having to wait at home! Whatever it is, it will always be on time.

Find your Citypaq

How to use Citypaq

Shop on your favourite online stores
Select your nearest Citypaq as your delivery point
Collect your package whenever suits you best 
You can also send your packages and returns from Citypaq

Product information

How to get it

Whenever you shop online you can receive your packages:

At shops with the Citypaq option: by directly selecting Citypaq as the delivery type. This is the easiest way as you can chose this option to collect your purchases without having to register.

Online by using the same data for the Recipient and Address, and always choosing home delivery.

Track your purchases. Once we have your package, we will keep you informed at all times. You can track your delivery on the Correos website or app.

How to send

Log in to the Correos app: Once connected, select the Send option.  First, you need to enter the dimensions and weight of your package. This way, we will be able to give you a space in line with the size of your parcel at the previously selected locker. To calculate the measurements correctly, don’t forget to pack the parcel first . We will show you reference items to guide you on each size.

Then enter the sender’s details and contact details. Select drop off at Citypaq and find your nearest Citypaq locker. Then, enter the recipient’s details, after which a summary of your shipment will be displayed. In the next section: Choose a delivery type. For Citypaq, only delivery with Paq is available.

Finally, pay for the service and you will be given a Citypaq code that will be valid for 24 hours.

Go to Citypaq and drop off your package. Scan the code on your mobile on the locker reader or enter it manually. The relevant door will open and you can leave your parcel. We will let you know once the postman has collected it.

Please remember that you do not have to write the recipient's address on your parcel, as you have already done it on the website. The postman will correctly label it when collecting it. In turn, it is important that the parcel is properly packed for sending.

You can send to anywhere in Mainland Spain, Balearic Islands and Canary Islands (the Citypaq lockers in the Canary Islands do not allow parcels containing goods that are subject to customs handling or payments). Ceuta and Melilla are excluded due to the need for customs clearance.

How to do a return

Make a request to the online store to return with Correos. The shop where you made the purchase will give you a valid return code, as long as it has a contract with Correos.

Open the Correos app and go to the Citypaq section. Then, find Returns. Click on Start return and indicate the locker where you want to leave the parcel to be returned. Enter the return code provided by the shop. You can also do this at the locker itself by dropping off your package after entering the delivery code or reference code on the locker itself.

Select the size of the parcel. That way, we can give you a space in line with the size of your return at the previously selected locker. To calculate the measurements correctly, don’t forget to pack the parcel first. We will show you reference items to guide you on each size.

If you prefer, you can do returns using Citypaq as a registered user on the website or with the Citypaq app. You can also track your return and get the opening code for the space selected.


Terms and conditions of use of Citypaq’s service

Version 4.0  (20/12/2022)

The present Specific Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) regulate the provision of the Citypaq service by SOCIEDAD ESTATAL CORREOS Y TELÉGRAFOS, S.A., S.M.E.

The Citypaq service is provided through different delivery methods. These delivery modes can be either delivery to the so-called smart Citypaq lockers (Citypaq lockers).

CORREOS reserves the right to modify these SPECIFIC T&Cs OF USE OF THE CITYPAQ SERVICE. The current version of these Specific T&Cs shall be the one published at any given time on the Correos app. The use of the Citypaq service by the user implies the acceptance of the Specific T&Cs in force at any given time.


1. Registration for use of Citypaq:

The Citypaq service does not require user registration. However, Correos offers a registration option in the Citypaq section of its app that lets users check the status of deliveries or returns and to add certain lockers to a list of favourites.

2. Citypaq Terms and Conditions of Use, the transport of which is operated entirely by CORREOS.

This heading regulates the T&Cs of use of the Citypaq service for those shipments whose transport is contracted by the user (or the recipient) through any e-commerce platform (hereinafter, the sender of the shipment) which in turn uses CORREOS as a carrier.

CORREOS will not charge any amount to the user/recipient for the use of the Citypaq service.


2.1) Delivery types:

2.1.1 Purchases made at Citypaq’s PARTNER STORES.

When making a purchase in any of the Citypaq service partner stores, the buyer will select this option from the website of the online store. When they enter their Citypaq username, a list will appear showing their favourite lockers, and they can select the locker where they want to receive the shipment.

2.1.2 Only for those lockers with restricted access and under the Citypaq renting service, provided that deliveries are sent from non-partner businesses. They will need to use  the so-called Online Shopping Address.

The user must use the so-called “Online Shopping Address” indicated on the Citypaq website or in the Citypaq mobile application. . This Online Shopping Address must be entered in the field provided by each online store to fill in the shipping address of the product purchased by the user. For this service, the user may not choose to contract any additional optional service or insurance.

Have you got any questions about Citypaq?

915 197 197

Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 20:00 and Saturday from 9:00 to 13:00 (except public holidays).

Frequently asked questions

How do I register?

You can register on the Correos app.

How do I log in to the app?

Log in to the app

Open the app

Register and log in by entering your phone number or email address and password.

Change password

If you get an Oops! message, change your password by entering the email address or phone number you registered with. 

Access code

Enter the code we send you. If you do not receive it, write to us at and we will help you.

New password

Type the new one, re-enter it once more and accept the change.

 Log in with the new password

How do I associate a Citypaq?

Citypaq favourites

Open the app

Go to the “Shipment Management” section and enter the “Citypaq” option

Go to favourites

In the “What do you want to do?” window, go to the “Favourites” option to select them.

Configure your Citypaq

Search for your favourite Citypaq. If you cannot find it, click on “Can’t find your Citypaq?” to search for it by code or map.

Locate by code 

Go to your nearest Citypaq and, on the Citypaq screen, you will find the 9 characters you need to save them as a favourite.

Locate by map

Type in the address. Nearby Citypaqs, their status and availability will be displayed.

What happens with my shipment if it isn’t carried by Correos?

Packages may be delivered by Correos or Correos Express. Customers with the Citypaq service can receive their deliveries from any logistics operator by following the instructions for doing so.

How can I send a parcel using Citypaq?

From the Send a delivery option on the Correos app

Where can I shop?

Besides our partner stores, you can also shop at all stores in the European Union with the Citypaq renting service except for those in territories subject to a taxation system other than VAT.

These exceptions also include Ceuta, Melilla and the Canary Islands due to the need for customs clearance.

What is the online purchase address?

It is the address we will give you so you can shop online at any non-partner stores, provided it is within the accepted territories and only available for the Citypaq renting service.

Once you have registered for the service, in the “Favourites” section you’ll see an “Online shopping address” for each locker you have included.

Use this address in the online shop purchase process as if it were your home address, entering the details we provide.