Waiting is a matter for parcels, now they are waiting for you Citypaq is the quick, easy solution from Correos for collecting, sending or returning your parcels using our smart lockers. You can find them near your home, work or busy places like supermarkets, petrol stations and shopping centres. Your online purchases when and where you want them.
Send, receive and return parcels: whenever and wherever you want. No fixed opening times or complications.
Pick them up when convenient: your parcels will wait for you until you can go and pick them up.
Anywhere: and even if you’re not there. Check the status of your packages at your Citypaq locker.

Correos smart lockers everywhere

We know that you cannot always be there at the time and place for delivery of the shipment. Located all over the city, Citypaq lockers are available at any hour of the day, no order is a problem.

Available in many online shops

More and more businesses are offering the Citypaq option as a collection point for receiving anywhere in the country. All you have to do is choose your nearest Citypaq locker and wait for the alert that your parcel is ready for collection.

Send, receive and return whenever you want

You can send your own parcels conveniently and easily at any Citypaq locker, without having to wait at home! Whatever it is, it will always be on time.

Your favourite solution

If the online shop does not give you the option to receive at Citypaq, add the locker where you want to receive your parcel as a Favourite, select Online Shopping Address and write the address we give you instead of your home address. We will take it to your Citypaq locker.

Find your Citypaq

Download the Correos app now

Like the keys to your locker, but in digital format. Track your item with total peace of mind. We will let you know when it is ready to collect.

How to use Citypaq

Sign up for Citypaq by downloading the Correos app.
Associate a Citypaq locker.
Receive an alert on your mobile phone via SMS, email or push notification.
Collect your parcel whenever suits you best.

Product information

How to get it

When you buy online you can get your parcels at Citypaq in two different ways:

  • At shops with the Citypaq option: by directly selecting Citypaq as the delivery type. This is the easiest way as you can chose this option to collect your purchases without having to register.
  • At other online shops: by using the Online Shopping Address. To get this, go to the Favourites section. You’ll find it under the heading Use this Citypaq to get my purchase on each one of your devices. For this method, you must register via the Correos app beforehand and have a favourite Citypaq selected.
    The ID is an 8 character ID that identifies each user and the device through which they want to receive their purchases. Therefore, each Citypaq has a different Online Shopping Address.
    In the online shopping process, use this Online Shopping Address putting the same data for the Recipient and Address, and always choosing home delivery.

Track your purchases. Once we have your parcel, we will keep you informed at all times. You can track it on the website and app in the History section.

Pick up your purchases. We will send you a notification with an opening code via SMS, email or push notification when your purchases arrive at your Citypaq locker. You will also receive an opening code on the app.

How to send

Open the Correos app: Once there, select the Citypaq Send option.  Firstly, you should enter the dimensions and weight of your shipment. This way, we will be able to give you a space in line with the size of your parcel at the previously selected locker. To calculate the measurements correctly, don’t forget to pack the parcel first. We will show you reference items to guide you on each size.

Then, enter the sender and contact details. Select drop off at Citypaq and locate your nearest Citypaq box office. Then, enter the recipient’s details, after which a summary of your shipment will be displayed. In the next section: Choose a delivery type. For Citypaq, only delivery with Paq is available.

Finally, proceed with payment, and you will be provided with a Citypaq code that will be active for 24 hours.

Go to Citypaq and leave your parcel. Pass the code on your mobile over the locker reader or enter it manually. The relevant door will open and you can leave your parcel. We will let you know once the postman has collected it.

Please remember that you do not have to write the recipient's address on your parcel, as you have already done it on the website. The postman will correctly label it when collecting it. In turn, it is important that the parcel is properly packed for sending.

You can send to anywhere in Mainland Spain, Balearic Islands and Canary Islands (the Citypaq lockers in the Canary Islands do not allow parcels containing goods that are subject to customs handling or payments). Ceuta and Melilla are excluded due to the need for customs clearance.

How to do a return

Make a request to the online store to return with Correos. The shop where you made the purchase will give you a valid return code, as long as it has a contract with Correos.

Open the Correos app and go to the Citypaq section. Then, find Returns. Click on Start return and indicate the locker where you want to leave the parcel to be returned. Enter the return code provided by the shop.

Select the size of the parcel. That way, we can give you a space in line with the size of your return at the previously selected locker. To calculate the measurements correctly, don’t forget to pack the parcel first. We will show you reference items to guide you on each size. We’ll send you the opening code for the space where you leave your parcel.

Go to Citypaq and leave it. Enter the opening code manually on the locker screen. The space allotted for you to leave your parcel will open. And you are ready to go! Your return is on its way!

If you prefer, you can do returns using Citypaq as a registered user on the website or with the Citypaq app. You can also track your return and get the opening code for the space selected.


Terms and conditions of use of Citypaq’s service

Version 3.0 (07/11/2022)

The present Specific Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) regulate the provision of the Citypaq service by SOCIEDAD ESTATAL CORREOS Y TELÉGRAFOS, S.A., S.M.E.

The Citypaq service is provided through different delivery methods. These delivery modes can be either delivery to the so-called smart Citypaq lockers (Citypaq lockers).

CORREOS reserves the right to modify these SPECIFIC T&Cs OF USE OF THE CITYPAQ SERVICE. The current version of these Specific T&Cs shall be the one published at any given time on The use of the Citypaq service by the user implies the acceptance of the Specific T&Cs in force at any given time.


1. Registration for use of Citypaq

The Citypaq service requires the user to register for the service only once. To access the service, which will allow the user to use the Citypaq lockers as a pick-up and drop-off point for parcels, the user must first log in using the username and password set up when registering for the service. 

2. T&Cs of use of Citypaq, the transport of which is operated entirely by CORREOS

This heading regulates the T&Cs of use of the Citypaq service for those shipments whose transport is contracted by the user (or the recipient) through any e-commerce platform (hereinafter, the sender of the shipment) which in turn uses CORREOS as a carrier.

CORREOS will not charge any amount to the user/recipient for the use of the Citypaq service.


2.1) Requests for delivery of shipments through Citypaq will be made after the user is registered on the Correos app, depending on whether the purchases are made in partner or non-partner stores:

2.1.1 Purchases made at Citypaq’s PARTNER STORES

When making a purchase in any of the Citypaq service partner stores, the buyer will select this option from the website of the online store. When they enter their Citypaq username, a list will appear showing their favourite lockers, and they can select the locker where they want to receive the shipment.

2.1.2 Purchases made in NON-PARTNER STORES, through the use of what is known as Online Purchase Management

The user must use the so-called “Online Shopping Address” indicated on the Citypaq website or in the Citypaq mobile application. . This Online Shopping Address must be entered in the field provided by each online store to fill in the shipping address of the product purchased by the user. For this service, the user may not choose to contract any additional optional service or insurance.

For delivery to Citypaq lockers, CORREOS will let the user know by SMS, email, or push notification through the mobile number indicated by the user, of the delivery of the shipment at the locker selected by the user, as well as the opening code for the Citypaq locker, where the shipment will remain available for pick-up up to 5 calendar days from such notification. Once this period has elapsed without the user/recipient having picked up the shipment from the selected locker, the shipment will be made available to the user (recipient of the shipment) at the delegated CORREOS office depending on the address of the selected locker. It will remain here for 15 calendar days from the day of receipt of the shipment (CORREOS will inform the user of the address where the delegated office is located to pick up the shipment). Once this period has elapsed without the user having picked up the shipment, it will be returned to the sender.

For delivery to garages, CORREOS will communicate by SMS or email, the delivery of the shipment to the user’s private garage.


2.2) Users who use Citypaq to deliver their shipments must take the following into account:

2.2.1 CORREOS undertakes to deliver the shipments within the deadlines agreed in the conditions of carriage associated with the parcel product contracted by the user with the e-commerce platform (the sender). The provision of the delivery service to Citypaq shall in no case interrupt the deadlines available to the user for the purpose of any claim that, if any, they would like to file with regard to the purchase made.

2.2.2 The Citypaq service will not accept shipments that require payments or formalities (commitments made with the seller, cash on delivery, associated payments, customs obligations, etc.).  If the shipments do not meet the requirements, they will be refused and returned to the sender.

2.2.3 CORREOS will return to the sender any shipment intended to be delivered in poor condition or visibly deteriorated from the outside. CORREOS reserves the right to photograph the shipments that are received at the Online Purchase Address, in order to be able to prove their condition.

2.2.4 If the shipment exceeds the measurements allowed for delivery to lockers, it will be made available to the user (recipient) in the delegated CORREOS office of the address of the selected locker. It will remain here for 15 calendar days from the day of receipt of the shipment (CORREOS will inform the user of the address where the delegated office is located to pick up the shipment). After this period has elapsed, if collection has not been made by the recipient, the shipment will be returned to the sender.

2.2.5 For delivery to Citypaq lockers, the maximum weight for admission or delivery is 30 kg. The maximum dimensions that postal items must meet in order to be admitted or delivered will depend on the type of locker (small or large):

For small Citypaq lockers (height x width x depth) = 60 cm X 49 cm X 40 cm

For large Citypaq lockers (height x width x depth) = 74 cm X 42 cm X 60 cm

2.2.6 The responsibility of CORREOS with the sender of the shipment is governed by the Contract of Carriage of Goods by Land Act (LCTTM), meaning that the recipient must express in writing their reservations describing in general terms the loss or damage at the time of pick-up of the shipment at Citypaq, bringing it to the attention of CORREOS by calling the Customer Service telephone number provided for that purpose.

In case of undisclosed damage or loss, reservations must be made within seven (7) calendar days of delivery.

Delay may give rise to compensation only when written reservations have been made to the carrier within twenty-one (21) calendar days from the day following the day of delivery of the goods to the recipient.

2.2.7 In the event of a claim by the user, CORREOS reserves the right to retrieve the shipment for inspection and valuation, and the user shall keep the damaged goods at their disposal until the claim is fully resolved.


3. T&Cs of use of Citypaq for the delivery of shipments not operated by Correos (Correos)

This point includes shipments whose transport is contracted directly by the user with the e-commerce platform (hereinafter, the sender of the shipment), without CORREOS intervening in any phase of the transport, nor in the delivery of the shipment. CORREOS only provides a space in the Citypaq smart lockers to the third party operator, which must have a commercial agreement with CORREOS for the use of Citypaq smart lockers.

In any case, in this operation, the third party operator (the carrier) will always be responsible for the transport of the shipment from the sender to its effective delivery to the user/recipient.

For this service, the user must use the Online Purchase Address as the mechanism for the delivery of the shipment to the chosen Citypaq locker.

3.1 The means of delivery of shipments regulated to this point will be carried out throughout the process by a third party operator (third party carriers) in the Online Purchase Address, corresponding to a Citypaq locker designated by the user.

3.2 The carrier that carries out the shipment of the goods contracted by the sender online store, will be responsible for making the reservation of the slot (hereinafter “drawers”) in the Citypaq lockers, for subsequent delivery and made available to the user. CORREOS will not guarantee the Citypaq user the availability of drawers at the time the carrier makes the reservation for delivery to the locker designated by the user through the Online Purchase Address.

3.3 Incident management in relation to the non-availability of drawers in the locker designated at the time of reservation by the third party carrier will be the responsibility of the carrier itself, which will set up the mechanisms it deems appropriate, both to report the situation and to guarantee the availability of the shipment to the Citypaq user.

3.4 Taking into account the above, CORREOS is exempt from any liability regarding the fulfilment of the committed delivery times due to non-availability of slots according to the type of goods to be delivered in the selected locker, the making of the delivery being the responsibility of the carrier.

3.5 CORREOS will communicate to the user by SMS, email, or push notification, the delivery of the shipment to the locker selected by the user, as well as the opening code of the corresponding locker drawer, where the shipment will remain available for pick-up up to 120 hours from its delivery by the third party operator. Once this term has elapsed, CORREOS will proceed to inform the carrier that the shipment located there has not been picked up, so that it can remove it. The conditions of treatment after removal of the goods from the locker are not the responsibility of CORREOS, but of the carrier contracted by the sender to carry out the delivery.

3.6 The carrier shall have the right to contact the Citypaq user by any means it chooses, in order to inform them additionally about the delivery of the shipment to the locker, the opening code of the slot in the selected locker, the pick-up of the goods by the Citypaq user, as well as the possible expiry of the shipment delivered and not picked up or any other operation related to the delivery to Citypaq lockers.

3.7 The responsibility of CORREOS is solely and exclusively limited to informing the carrier about the availability of drawers in the Citypaq lockers, as well as their correct condition and operation from the time the shipment is delivered to the locker until it is opened by the user to be picked up.


4. Shipments from Citypaq smart lockers

Registered Citypaq users will be able to use the Citypaq lockers for shipments previously contracted with Paq Premium or Paq Estándar products. Paq Premium or Paq Estándar products can be purchased on the Correos mobile application. The contractual terms and conditions of these products are available at

Once the shipment has been contracted under any of the above mentioned modalities, CORREOS will communicate by SMS, e-mail or push notification, the assigned locker and the opening code of the assigned slot, so that the Citypaq user can make use of the selected locker, dropping off the shipment within the period indicated by CORREOS for its subsequent admission.

In any case, the shipment must be properly packed and comply with the conditions of the contracted parcel service. These user obligations will be verified at the time of ADMISSION by CORREOS, which will be at the same time as the withdrawal from the locker by CORREOS staff.

CORREOS will notify the user of the admission and course of the shipment, by SMS, email or push notification.

These shipments will be billed according to the rates of the contracted parcel service and depending on the size of the locker requested, the characteristics of which are specified here.

The admission service for Citypaq will be used exclusively for shipments with national destinations, except Ceuta, Melilla.

Claims shall be limited to one per shipment and settlement shall be deemed final for all loss and damage incurred in connection therewith from the time of acceptance of the shipment by CORREOS. The User guarantees that the contents of the shipment are acceptable for transport by CORREOS in accordance with the specific provisions of the aforementioned contractual conditions, and also that the shipment is correctly identified with the Purchase Address, addressed (including the Postcode) and prepared for its safe transport with reasonable care in its handling, directly assuming any responsibilities that may derive from its non-compliance.


5. Miscellaneous

5.1 Exclusions: The Online Purchase Address to which the Citypaq service applies will only be valid for purchases made in any EU country, except for territories with a different VAT tax regime, excluding, among others, the service for purchases made in Ceuta and Melilla. These shipments will be refused and returned to the sender.

5.2 Exclusion of goods: The user/recipient shall not use the Citypaq service to receive shipments that are not properly packaged and labelled, or that are classified as toxic substances, dangerous goods, prohibited or restricted items, according to postal regulations (Act 43/2010, RD 1829/1999, UPU Convention), the Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air ICAO (Chicago Convention on Civil Aviation), the Dangerous Goods Regulations of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the European Convention concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR).

The user/recipient shall hold CORREOS harmless from any damage, claim or penalty that may arise in case of breach thereby of the obligations contained in this point or in the applicable regulations.

5.3 Right of withdrawal: Citypaq users can unsubscribe from the Citypaq service via the Correos mobile application, where a form for unsubscribing from the service is available. After filling in the form, the user account in Citypaq will be permanently deleted including all the information for said account and any deliveries, receipts and personal information.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I register?

By downloading the Correos app, you will be able to register for the Citypaq service.

How do I associate a Citypaq?

To associate a public Citypaq, all you need to do is locate it on the map in the Correos app, select it and add it to your favourites.

To associate a private Citypaq locker, you must enter your code in the “Favourites” section. You can find the code in the centre of the terminal screen.

How is my parcel sent if I don’t add my name as a recipient?

Each associated terminal has an ID code which identifies you and the device; this allows us to know where to deliver and who will collect it.

This alphabetical code is unique and different for each associated device.

How can I find out where there is a Citypaq locker?

By checking the Citypaq locator on the website and on the Correos App, you will be able to see the location of all our lockers on a map.

Where can I find my Citypaq ID code?

In the centre of the locker screen.

What happens if I close the door and have left a personal item inside?

You have 5 minutes to open the device drawer again using the same code.

What is the maximum number of days that my shipment can be left in the Citypaq?

We will notify you by SMS, email or push notification when your shipment is available at the Citypaq locker of your choice and you will have 5 calendar days to pick it up. When there are two days left before the end of the collection period, we will send you a reminder.

If your shipment has expired, we will send you an SMS, email and push notification to inform you that you will be able to pick it up within 15 days at the office closest to the locker.

How can I send a parcel using Citypaq?

Select the option “Send”, enter your details and those of the recipient, and tell us the parcel size, we’ll send you an email with the code to open the Citypaq where you can leave it. You can also find this code on the app, in “Mis Paqs”.

Scan the code on your mobile with the machine reader or enter it manually, the correct door will open and you can leave your parcel. We’ll tell you once the postman has collected it.

Remember, you don’t need to write the recipient’s address on your parcel, the postman will label it correctly on collection with the details you provided on the website. Just make sure your parcel is properly packaged for shipment.

Where can I send a parcel from?

Anywhere and everywhere in Mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands. Only inter-island shipments can be made from the Canary Islands. Ceuta and Melilla are excluded due to the need for customs clearance. 

What is a partner store?

An online store associated with the Citypaq service which offers this as one of the delivery options in the purchase process. Just select this option, enter your Citypaq username and confirm the locker from which you wish to collect your order.

Where can I shop?

In addition to partner stores, you can shop at all stores in the European Union, except those in territories subject to a taxation system other than VAT.

These exceptions also include Ceuta, Melilla and the Canary Islands due to the need for customs clearance.

What is the online purchase address?

The address we will give you so you can shop online at any non-partner stores, provided it is within the accepted territories.

Once you have registered for the service, in the “Favourites” section you’ll see an “Online purchase address” for each terminal you have included.

Use this address in the online shop purchase process as if it were your home address, entering the details we provide.

What if I had an account in the old Citypaq app?

You can transfer your old Citypaq account information by following these steps:

When accessing the Correos app, a Citypaq information window will appear, in which you must click on “I want to see it”. Next, the question “Do you have a Citypaq account?” will appear If you do have an account and want to link it, you must click on “Link Citypaq account”.

To complete the linking, you must enter your login data for the Correos app. If you are modifying or adding an email address, it will need to be validated. Finally, you must enter the credentials you used to log into the Citypaq app. Once entered, the rest of the associated accounts will be deleted and you will be able to access the Citypaq service through the Correos app using the credentials entered to log into the Correos app.