Flat rate

Your shipment at a set price, as and when you want.


€ 13.50

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Cash On Delivery

Receive payment for your shipments in a safe, simple, reliable way. At Correos, we reimburse you the amount paid by the recipient, which appears on the item.


Even greater assurance for your most important documents and goods.
Go to a Post Office and choose yourpreferred National Flat Rate packaging   between padded or rigid envelope and medium or large box.
Prepare your shipment. Close the packaging securely and provide us with the sender and recipient details.
Ask us at to contract the National Flat Rate. We will make sure it reaches its destination.

Product information


The Flat Rate is the ideal option for individuals and SMEs who want to manage their shipments at the best price:

  • Tailored to you: choose a delivery deadline and the packaging that best suits your needs. We guarantee a set price, whatever your shipment weighs.
  • With guarantees: two delivery attempts with digital proof in real time. Includes immediate tracking for the recipient in case of absence.
  • For your peace of mind: tracking your shipment at any time and managing incidents online. Paquete Premium and Paquete Estándar also include basic insurance coverage of €101.
  • Close to you: available for shipments in Spain and Portugal, with variations depending on the specific parcel product. Our International Flat Rate is also available.

Delivery details

To apply the Flat Rate, you only need to choose from these packages available in all Correos Post Offices:


  • Padded envelope: 445 x 300 mm
  • Rigid envelope: 445 x 320 mm
  • Medium box: 390 x 280 x 190 mm
  • Large box: 500 x 300 x 300 mm

Don't worry about the weight.

Your shipment be any weight, without limits. Of course, it will have to fit the packaging you choose so that it can travel safely.

Now you’ll just have to tell us where you would like us to send it.

Guarantees and delivery periods

With all the guarantees offered by Correos.

Locate your nearest Correos Post Office and bring your parcel to us; whatever delivery period you prefer we will deliver it on time:

  • Paq 10: before 10:00 the following day.
  • Paq 24: the following day.
  • Paquete Premium: within 48 hours.
  • Paquete Estándar: within 72 hours.


Choose the option that is best suited to your needs. We guarantee a set price irrespective of the weight of your shipment.

Come to one of our Post Offices and we'll tell you all about it.